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silver bullet award

Silver Bullet Award:
To those guy in T
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 44

June 28, 2015:
Some ISIS brain washed moron thought he would shoot up a beach resort
One dead body next to a machine gun:
       Is all wwe need to see.
       They showed all those evil wanna bees just hole long their fifteen minutes of fame can be.
       The art of it all is just how short it can be cut with some guy who have a Good Shot!
       Don't think there will be too many Copy Copy cats lining up to pull off the same thing there ever again .
       A perfect example of how much money is saved when the Silver Bullet Award is hand over. So much expenses have been save on Judges, lawyers and Jail Cells, we could actually Gold Plate the Award, but we like to think a Silver on is better at fighting evil for some reason so we will keep it that way. The you don't fix it if it isn't broken. (Gotta come up with rule number for that.)

Give the Bullies Guns
You've got problems
July 3rd, 2014:

After discovering such an obvious name such as was available, of course I was curious if it had ever been used before and of course it didn't take much effort to figure out if anyone had had it before as well as who may have had it and dropped interest in it.
       Well to keep things simple and short, I found more material to link up to from this site and particularly for this web-page.
       The link below leads to a web-page that tells what happened in China after they decided to give their Police Officers Guns. It's what I call a bad mix.

"If all printers were determined not to print anything
till they were sure it would offend nobody,
there would be very little printed."
                -- Benjamin Franklin,  1730



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Steven Spielberg in jail

Another Sicko
Steven Spielberg in jail

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
     Spielberg not only cloned inventor Dennis Sattler's eight times, he also brain washed Sattlers family.

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
     Now they are trying to tell people that he is away on a sailing trip around the world. Yeah right; from what I read, Spielberg gets sea sick. I doubt if he's ever been out to sea in the thing.
      I'm left wondering if he was involved in the criminal activity I received from the officials in San Diego County. I'm sure he was adding problems to my life anyway he could.
      For more information about Speilberg check out Spielberg's Lousy Page.

Speilberg's Lousy Page


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