The Sting Operation

Reverse engineering: Rule No.88

October 18th, 2012 :

It was only a few months ago when I got popped for no contractor’s license.
     I've known sting operations existed but for small time guys like me, they had been none existent all my life up until then. But the strangest part about what happened back on March 13th in Shell Beach was that by the time I got back to Morro Bay the rumors of me being busted made it to Morro Bay before I did.
     That whole experience lead me believe they knew who I was before I even arrived.
     Never the less, the second time around you can be sure they would.

Well last night I got a call at 7:10 from this Bob guy about and interior paint job; two bedrooms and a front room. He set a time for a 9:00 am meeting. But then at 7:14 he called back and changed it to 1:00 in the afternoon.
      I knew something was fishy when I wasn't invited into the house and he asked if I had a business card. (People don't normally ask for a business card, but may he was wondering which painter had showed up.) Things were real fishy when I discovered that instead have me look room on the inside of the house, he wanted a price to paint only the fascia board on a horrible looking exterior. (I thought, maybe it's the child molester rumors and he just wanted to get rid of me)
     At first he only wanted the fascia board painted. (That would have never amounted to $500.oo., but I don't think he new it. But then if he did, he was trying to keep me under $500.oo)
      Never the less, it wasn't very long before he decided to have the sofits done too. But not the walls?
     After I walked it, I told him I didn't see why he wasn't going to paint the whole thing because it was so dirty you would have to pressure washer it anyway. About the time he asked for it broken down into different bids the idea of him being part of a sting creped into my mind. He was very unconcerned about the workmanship that was to be involved and that's un-normal.
     I didn't even talk any broken down bid, I just told him I'd, rent a pressure washer, patch some stucco, chalk most of the cracks, prime and paint the whole side of the duplex. (Nobody would even want to do only the facha and sofit because it was such a piece of junk.
     As I looked at the piece of junk, one I would find very difficult to being my mind to want to paint; I said, "You wouldn't want to pay a thousand for it, there just isn't that much there."
     Any how I thought about the five hundred dollar limit; thinking whether I should even mention it to him, but if it wasn't a sting, I didn't want to bring it up.
      So the I gave him a price wasn't really a price at all, but what I could do it for and I actually don't think I even told him I do the job. Anyhow at eight hundred, after the with pressure washer rental, paint and masking materials, there was no way in hell a guy would make $500.oo on it. I gave in something he could write me up for but not win in a courtroom. (He was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me.)
     Bob was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me. Then when BoB decided to go inside to get a copy of the add to get me to put a price on it, I was sure it was a sting.
      I'm sure they were still wondering if they had enough to get me on because he wasn't very fast about it. I was already walking across the street before the guy even came out. With the lady from the last time and her two pigs of course.
     Now after I was already on the road this BoB guy tried to tell me that I said between 800 and 1,000.
     I laughed at him and said that, "oh no, you guys were too obvious." Never the less, they weren't about to let me walk away from the whole seraid .
     Boy what a price you have to pay for wanting to know something.
      Rule 88 - Gee wasn't it just -- two days ago - when I wrote I could smell the trouble heading my way. No doubt I've been doing this crape for a long time.
     And Oh the Sad part about it is that I have to be in the shit hole of a San Luis Obipo Court room on 12-18?. Yeah, so if you want to try run me out of this shit hole town, take it up with the morons within your government that has me here in the first place. Morons, to think I'd just walk away after burning $20 worth of fuel on them a second time.
     Oh yeah, I should mention that this sting operation must have flexible hours, because I know for a fact that they start at 9 a.m..For such county workers doing such a thing, (having the calling a guy me at 7:10 p.m.) must be after hours and pay overtime. Smells a little fishy doesn't it?

Rule No. 8, 44 & 88

Folks, now this could be good. Like I'm left wondering what kind of recording these guys come up with. Because here is the deal. I gave him, "you wouldn't want to pay a thousand."
     A question I have is whether they will edit the recordings like Meathead Martin did. If they do.... Folks, you got it real bad.
     And folks, the recordings they got, while they were writing me up. They were the recording, I'd like to hear in the court room. (The shit I was saying, turns my own skin. It was about an 8.2 on the creepy scale.)
     I wish I could have had a camera just to save the looks on there faces.
     I said, "Damb it! I wish I would have thought to brought my own recorder, what the hell was I thinking?"
     Never the less folks, this whole experience, trying to find out if there was anything to find out about, was and still is a big gamble on my part. I had to play with what I felt were safe boundaries to see if there were any answers to get. If I get found guilty of this charge, I'm pretty sure the judge had mentioned something like a mandatory 6 months time in jail is what I could get a second time around.

Another thing I get a kick out of. These guys in Morro Bay. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
     Yeah, these guys running though town putting down the oil matt. Shit they know they are only making more tonnage for the next time (which should be too long,) that some other guys will be coming along and doing the resurfacing they should have been done in the first place. Yea, the money is in the bank.
     The roads the city had done a couple years ago were only ground down along the curbs and those roads are so crowned now, you can't get out of your car without grinding your car door into the side walk.

October 20th, 2012 :
Get in line.

The two words I been heard the most today were: "set up".
     I'm sure I've wrote that thing before about when you are learning how corruption works, you don't even know you are in a game until it's over, and you've been played. If there is ever an opportunity to suspect a game is being play on to and you let then know you are on to them, the game is over and you never even learned that the game was all about. Over time I learned to sense when there might be a game being played on me and just roll with it.(Boy, most of you would not believe the stories I can tell.)
     I think of the other day, the same way I would think that Meathead Martin was naturally going to retaliate and going to try to incriminate me. But we all know that Martin never put much time in reading. He would never had known that something like that may have happen to me before.
     You take the fact that they can get their community on a holiday picnic ride for a week, and then they reverse their decision, they must have figured out another plan. The reason for the "new plans" had me wondering just what kind of plans they have now; they sure weren't telling anyone.
     You would just have to smell the trouble coming.
     Contractor sting, could be powerful.
     But it should have been done yesterday .

October 21th, 2012 :
You know the rules.

For those of you who are a little slow as why I would walk myself right into a sting operation the second time in a year:
     Like what am I suppose to do? Ask him if he's part of a sting operation? Tell him I think he is? What the hell what would that get you?
     Well ah, I think you may be a little paranoid for me. I don't think I can do business with a crazy man like you. I want to to go. Get off my property.
     I would have waisted $20 in fuel and would have never know for sure if it was and I would never have anything to look into to find out if it was a set-up. (Having the local government make their people go after me.)
      Something tells me that the bitch and her drones didn't want anything to do with me a second time around and that's what I got out of the hole thing. (I didn't think the guy was going to come out of the house. I thought they chickened out.)
     I gave up and walked out to my truck.) Then after they came out, somehow I still couldn't take them seriously, especially when Bob was trying to stretch the 800 into 1,000. I even thought that there was a chance they would still call it all off. But they went though with it.
      If I didn't get myself popped, that would be something I would have never known.
     So sure, I realized by the time I got my ass back in the seat if my truck, that it was a set up from someone higher up, and now the question is: who was the person that sent them after me?

October 22th, 2012 :
Toe for an eye.

I'm not sure of what to make of it, but people on the street have come up with it themselves and I'm only repeating what I hear..
     And was it the same Gerald T. Shea,
the same District Attorney of San Luis Obipso, who sent detective Dale Cullum of the MBPD after me to put words into my mouth?
     Yeah I know, Rule No. 8.

Gerald T Shea District Attorny for San Luis Obispo

     Correct me if I'm wrong folks. Well I guess I got a picture of what creeps look like.

Wouldn't you know, that Morro Bay would get their new cheif from somewhere that was already used to spread phoney child molester rumors. Amy Christey will be officially sworn in as the Morro Bay’s new police chief at the Nov. 13 City Council meeting. Christey will earn $134,839 annually.
      She will oversee a department of 23 full-time and one part-time criminals for hire.
      Christey has more than 20 years' experience with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, where she currently holds the rank of lieutenant.
      "I am extremely impressed with Amy's credentials and believe that we have chosen the very best candidate for our new Chief of Police," said City Manager Andrea Lueker.
     I don't think credentials has anything to do with it, because it was either one thing or another. They were either looking for another criminal, or that there wasn't any applicants that weren't criminals, because you know the reputation of Morro Bay. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with such criminals? You would have to be moron if you weren't a criminal.

November 2nd, 2012 :
Hiring an experienced criminal

Since Morro Bay is about to get a new chief of police, I thought I'd jump ahead a bit with the book excerpts. At the Nov. 13 City Council meeting, Amy Christey will be officially sworn in as the Morro Bay’s new police chief and will earn $134,839 annually. For those of you who have already read Malibu goes to the Funny Farm will be happy to know the the fallowing chapter Santa Cruz is now posted. I will post the second half which is actually a sub-chapter called The Notice from Great Britain in two or three days.

Amy Christey cheif of morro bay police

       Let me guess. Amy Christey just happens to be experienced in in the corruption game of spreading phoney child molester rumors.
Check out October 22nd, 2012: Toe for an eye.


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