Meathead Martin left us an anniversary gift

It was some of his Handy Work

I gave him the "Dead Man,"
but he needed,"You are".

I left him the "I'm,"
but he needed the G word for the Kill You.
I told him, "I want to see you rot in hell."
The best thing he could come up with is:
I want to kill you!

Here are a couple audio tracks the Morro Bay police supplied us with. I played the videos on my computer and through my stereo and recorded the audio on to my MP3 player.
I uploaded the .WAV files to my server.
MD Warning - foul language
The first one is the back up officer's which I did a funky repeat start, but it's the tail end of the conversation.

The second one is Martin's handy work.

Do they match is the question

Officer Mark Martin of Morro Bay Police in California

You be the Judge,


March 9th, 2011:
I finally got Martin's video file up on my server. Now all you have to do is compare Hufstetler's , (I think third video?) with Martin's.
I suggest download everything in
Then make a copy of it on a dvd.
Then use either the index.html or the Autoplay files to start either of the separate videos

March 10th, 2011:
I realize that there are guys out there that have been way ahead of me on this, but the files can be found at :

I think is Martin's is the first one below because the file was created later than the rest on March 19, 2011


Do either of these cops appear as if they are fearing for their lives? And if it was to go, what the hell are they standing around for?

March 4th, 2011:
I actually sat down with some headphones and watched the DVD the Morro Bay police provided the courts with.
         It has one video from Martin, and three from Hufstetler. Another question is why wouldn't Martin have at least two? Would it be that they would have to make both match? Well then they would have to make Hufstetler match his, now wouldn't they. But what if he didn't realize that Hufstetler was even going to provide one)
   Now that I've listened to Hufstetler's video, I'm claiming that the odds are on Martin as to performed the handy work on the video provide to the courts.
     The funny part all of it is that the Morro Bay Police provided us, we the people, the proof that their own cop played around and tampered with evidence.
     I haven't listened to it twice or anything but I've got a pretty good guess that Martin's and Hufstetler's don't match up.
     Hufstetler's video happens to match what I wrote out on this web-site before I ever saw Martin's recording the first time.
(I bet the Fed's were way ahead of me on this one.)
      Martin must have studied how to edit the video but the code must go on for miles because the threeHufstetler's videos ranged between 250,000 to 400,00 KB

But Martin's video is over a Gigabit. Holly shit Martin, those edits laid code for miles. So far I haven't been able to get the whole file to my server before the Internet connection gets broken. So sorry folks, I'm trying
    Gee, Martin is one hell of a bumbling idiot and I'm going to tell my court appointed that I would like to take a restraining order out on Martin. That guy scares me and he should not be out on the same streets I drive.
    See, kids, this is what you do, you want it blabbed all over town, yeah approach a paramedic with the Morro Bay Fire Department and say, "I heard that you guys don't like cops too much? Well here is some of Marin's work," as I handed him the DVD, "Check out my web-sit and it will tell you all about it."
    "Oh Thanks."

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin<
January 11, 2011

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I watched the video the other day, Martin wiped out the first line I gave him. The video portion of it just freezes him and the background noise just disappears for about five seconds. I actually said, "Are you delusional?" The he after the freeze up he has me saying, "I'm a Dead man." Just like Mcquire said, "You jumped in right all over his face."

Ah, I kinna feel I let in build up as it went on.






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