Jailed Again

Martin walks in to get a burger to go
Wasn't he just Stupid or was he just an Ass?

April 15th, 2011:
I got a surprise when I appeared in court on the 12th. I found myself thrown back into jail. Not so much a surprise considering that the trial was only a week away. The trial in which they would have been using tampered evidence against me. The solution they came up with was to though me in jail and plan to hold me on a new misdemeanor until May 10th.     
      Of course I could not have afforded that so the knew I would take a plea. Yeah a plea dropping the new misdemeanor charge, but upgrading the original charge to a felony with probation and the psych evaluation I turned down in the first pea.
    Now they got it where they can pick me up for any frivolous probation charge and put me back into jail any time they want.
     Now it gets even better. They have forced me to pea to a felony charge that I was going to beat anyway.
     I would say what they did was incriminate me just as martin was out to do in the first place back in November.
  Oh yeah, how could the do that you may ask. It was that visit by Martin in the hamburger joint back on March 23rd.
    Funny thing is even my public defender said that I didn't say anything to Martin. But of course, I would have had to sit in jail until May 10th to beat it.
   Boy, this goes from police harassment to false imprisonment and false incrimination, to falsifying evidence, to forced incrimination.
  Shit the list is getting longer and I bet the whole bit will have to be handled at the state level now.
 Yeah, I sure need to find a good law firm from outside this county. The last time I'd been to court back in March, I heard the judge say something to the likeness that maybe this case might resolve itself before the new court dates I asked for.
 Yeah it sure resolved itself alright.
 Kinna the same thing they did in the San Diego courts with my billy club. .

    More on this later, I just want to relax and watch some TV by myself for once. Good night.

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