The Hand-off in the Courtroom

I was Stupid
I'm surprised the Feds didn't make the move overnight.

And get this: Mcquire was the quarterback.
I was the receiver. 

Febuary 7th, 2011:
Folks, I think it's getting really good here. Because I just don't buy the recording the Morro Bay police department expects a jury to listen too.
I'm telling to that I'm about 80% sure that it's a phony.
I didn't even want to waist my time listening to what I heard two times over the tiny computer monitor speakers. I was however impressed with how they could use some kind of exciter to amplify my sound of rage to where you could fell the fire in my breath. I was hot. But they got it all in the wrong places.

They reorganized the whole conversation, and edited in two recorded tracks, one from the cop car and the other from the little box they stuff into their shirt.
   There weapon was to take the "I want to," from the I want to see you burn in hell." and splice it in front of the: "I would love to kill you." By cutting the - I would love- and pasting the - I want- in front of -to kill you. They made up an: I want to kill you.

But then there is the order too. The I want to kill you can before two consecutive I would love to kill yous.' Then -later- after that did he say "Are you threatening me. 

I can believe they may wanted to fool a jury, but did they care less if it didn't fool me?

I don't know, but I'm going to sit down with a pair of head phones on and try real hard to convince myself that the video is authentic.

Asked James if there was any filling for document pictures and things I want to provide the jury with. He is trying to tell me that I can only supply them with things that are directly related to the incident of me being pulled over. He seems to think nothing I can provide would be relevant.

James told me that all he needs is one witness, to the February 8th incident at the school.
I asked him how I could do such a thing and he certainly didn't have any answers.

I say he's wrong. I need two or more witnesses. The more the better, because with one, they just wouldn't make it. They would get bought off threatened or painfully to say just killed. But there is safety in numbers.

The recording would be nice, or at least a few witnesses because with multiple witnesses and character witnesses for those witness, no one individual would be targeting.

This isn't cowboy and Indians stuff we are playing with here and I think that is the reason nobody has stepped forward. Just a though I've known all along since the day I filed the claim on August 3rd, there could be retaliation and then again when I heard it was Martin, I knew of the likelyhood of Martin retaliating against me; and that is why I think people have been so reluctant to get involved. Shit just get rid of the guy.

Back then in August, I felt that the possibility of Martin coming after me was about as good as him not. So then I thought, what if he did, what would it be for? Well, since I walk a pretty straight line, he only had the capability of getting for assault, or threatening him.
    Assault was out; because I have control over that so threatening him was all he had left. It was one way to make me out to be the bad guy so I felt if I ever had the opportunity, I would let him run with it but at the same time, know where the line was that couldn't be crossed. I felt a bully who thinks he's got the upper hand because he's the one who is carrying the badge, just may not realize a gun with not bullets is worthless.
    So when he returned with the recorder and asked if I was threatening him, I just let er rip and did my best Mel Gibson,  figuring I'd get him so aroused, he might not noticed the bullets I was giving him were blanks.
    I thought there was a better than fair chance he would show his creative side into the realm of covering one's back.
     He wanted a felony and a misdemeanour just wasn't good enough, so he took it personal and that is where his judgment got the best of him. He or they should have just let well enough alone but stupidity is running rapid.

But then again, how stupid can people be?
What kind of history do you want to be a part of?

The question is: Will these citizens, here in Morro Bay; let this kind of thing go down and be known for not do anything about it?

Asked yourself. What is in it for them - either way.
      To tell you the truth I'm quite optimistic.
From what I've been hearing on the street. The people here are talking as if they are going to back me.

I hear we can tie up the little meathead for five years.

Beats collecting stamps.
Oh yeah I did an Update on the
Jan 11th, 11 piece

February 8th, 2011:
I thought this morning was going to be a little stale, in Judge Trice's crib compared to the last two times. But I also realized that they had a hot potato in their hands now. I end up with bailiff shoving the paper work with my next court dates in my face and then pushing me out of the court room doors.

Shortly after my arrival, I heard what I though could have been Maguire saying, "I hope he had his B-12 this morning." If he did, I would say he knows a little bit more than he was leading on. (Funny thing, I doubled back this morning, and made sure that I did.)      Shortly after my arrival, Maguire approached me and that's when I informed him that I had no intentions of going home without a copy of the video.
(I'd brought my own computer along any excuses wasn't going to work.)

It was a not guilty plea and I was surprised, the Judge may have been a little antsy, to see more of this case unfold before him because he set a date as early as two weeks away.
     However, he didn't have much to say when I suggested that it was the time I ask my public defender to request copies of all the video and documents provided to the court relating to my case.
    I also mentioned the desire for the video supplied to the prosecuting attorney because it would may help determine if they had planed to show the jury the same video as me. It would answer the question as to was it just to be used to convince me to cop a pea and the video would have never meant to be seen by a jury. At least that would be what they would have hoped for by the most. But did they actually think I was stupid enough to be convinced that I had said what I didn't. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
       But we still have the question as to whether Martin and his side kick Hufstetler actually perform the duties of tampering, or could it have been someone else in the department or even better yet, was it the city attorney? Who knows? But my money is on Martin and Hufstetler doing it. Hufstetler is the one who reviewed the video of the assault by the fireman in Abertion's parking lot. I didn't trust him then and I don't trust him now. I guess he's from the LA police force and I've heard about how corrupt they can be. Never the less, take it from me, the guy isn't half as smart as he thinks he is.
      Never the less, the good lawyer Maguire is known to be; began telling me I couldn't talk like that in a court of law, and hand off me his copy of the video as the bailiff pushed me away.
     I know, where is the news media at when something goes down. Guess they are busy covering spilled milk.

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