I take it that you don't want to steal a car
in San Francisco

November 16, 2015:
I saw that video of the cops beating that guy.
       It looked so bad, I need to take a better look at it because you have to wonder if the video was backed up and repeated in a few places.
       None the less, I think it is real and it only goes to show you just how barbaric the human race is getting. And these guys are suppose to protect us when I'm more afraid of them than anyone else.
And do I need to add the video from last week?

The group of ten Cops with Tazers
After ten times they finally hit a nerve that shut down his respiratory system.
       Just another fine example of just how barbaric the human race has gotten. I swear, we need a thunder dome on TV every week.

Blood Stains in Oceanside ca

Need to police the Police:
Rule Numbers- 65

September 21st, 2015:
The reason you don't find me going to the beach, is because the odds of me coming across the Evil Pigs on Wheels is too great.
       It takes all the enjoyment out of it because every time I go there I feel like I'm being stalked by them. Just as a Jesus freak told me yesterday about the Cops planing to harass me when I was twirling my cards on the garbage cans on the bridge to the pier.
       (I'm willing to bet it was June 28th he was talking about.) Of which has had two postponed trial dates I never had to go to the court house to receive.

Blood Trail in Oceanside ca

During my Surf Check, this morning:
I noticed a few guys scrubbing the pavement out in front of the Coliseum.
       The Spirits of the victims must still have been in the area because I swear my Angles went off. They pretty much told me of went down.
       It was something the News media sure is not about to report because I seriously doubt any of the calls went over the police radio waves.
       This one was called in over cell phones and it was all about Plant a Davis 25 on one of them two that went down.
       See, those bullet proof vests also work pretty good at becoming a holster for one of those slim little guns .
       The Officer just reached into the spit seam on the covering and pulled out was was suppose to be one of their goofs.

Blood stains on concrete in Oceanside CA

They probably put up a barricade around the bodies so no one would see them put the gun in the palm of the hand in order to get the fingerprints they needed.
       The Gun was probably brand new and bought with cash within a state that doesn't have background checks .
       Anyhow, something tells me that there may have been three, (maybe one taken in by the cops,) never the less, if feel at least two of them got shot. (The trails of blood showed me that.)
       They were probably a cop homeless black guys who were trying to get out of the south wind so that their lighters would work better, so they went for the cover of the entrance of the Lifeguard station.
       I bet the cops were sneaking up, (on foot,) from somewhere else just over the suspicion their may be a couple homeless doing just that.
       The chrome pipe was looked too much like a Davis 25 five and the cops decided that they would be faster on the draw. I bet the second victim got shot because he pulled out his cell phone to record what just happened.
       The cops ended up with two homeless guys just sitting there bleeding to death.
       Oh yeah: I should mention that the son of one of Oceanside's finest just wreaked his vehicle while he was driving on drugs and alcohol. The Cop's son ran over a landscaper, -killing the landscaper, in the process.

Another Mark on the Calender:
September 6th, 2015:
Forth time Oceanside has Slandered me in 13 months
       Coming up here I'll have to worry about where the City hall of Carlsbad is, and after that I might as well get my sleeping bag out and just camp out at the City hall in Oceanside.
       How can they even possibly stupid enough to do it is comprehensible. I wouldn't think in a million years they would be as stupid as they were last night.
       They have looked at how many dead bodies and they are still stupid enough to go around soliciting complaints from vendors.
       I think the first cop came and went because my taping had stopped and people were giving me weird looks as they were waiting for me to play some more.
       (I figure the first cop planted the rumors also, and that's when the Deep-fier and Bicycle Peddler got turned against me) .
       By the time the second cop Mr. Hay K-9 unit who showed up to get rid of me, the two morons were encouraging Mr. Hay to get rid of me.
       However, two details I noticed at about the same time was Mr. Hay began putting his rubber gloves on just as he approached the girls who sell ice, --there was another cop heading in the direction of the Fish and Chip Place.
       One going off in the opposite direction from where the action was going down, certainly stuck my attention. (He must have been one chosen to get a complaint.)
       Then when the two backup officers showed up within just moments of that observation. (And I'm talking within seconds I might add.)
       It was something I'd seen before and I knew it was all about them trying to get me to say something they could hold against me.
       Hell, why even argue with the third graders and even take a chance with making their day or just more of a scene with the bullies.
       Wouldn't it suck if I would have ended up being tasered because of the result of the Oceanside Police were spreading child molester rumors. Not only that but what it I'd been crippled up because to the tasering, enabling me to surf any more. (I know, I've seen what they can do. )
       They are a perfect example of what evil is.

Should have Seen
The Oceanside Police Boat this morning Sept.7.15.

The Asshole would put the boat's faith in jeopardy when he would perform donuts within the set waves as an effort to destroying the waves we wanted to surf.
       He pulled up and told us to paddle in admittedly and none of us payed any attention to him .
       If he would have used his head, he would have thought the guys would more likely go in if they actually caught a wave in, because I can guaranty you that after the hard work of just getting the board out there, they sure as hell went about to turn around and paddle in.
       Sure his whole efforts were wasted energy, and I would not doubt it was an aggravative assault just meant for me, -but someone had to pay for the stupidity. It was something a third grader would do for sure.

When are these morons going to learn?
       There is a reason a guy may work
over the top of a deep firer.

The night of incident 9.06.2015

       Just as there is a reason someone rents bicycles for a living.

You combined that with a cop who is nosy and wants to fit in, -and you've got trouble.
       First off, you've got to figure they got cookies inside there cell phone, -both the concessioners and the cops.
       It's a given, but almost ending up in trouble over the fact that I wouldn't perform for a Pig is flat out ridiculous.
       I was selling Ice at a constant flow and soon a cop decides to see what all the attraction was about.
       To him, the attraction must have meant that something was wrong. He shows up to grab a sample of flavored Ice and didn't get a performance out of me.
       I'm sure there was a few derogatory words said about me that got the local deep-fier and concessioner into an ego trip. Funny how the very people who were making money off me playing my practice pad was trying to get rid of me instead of the very cop that stopped the flow of money in the first place.
       I know folks, it's a blatant obvious example of stupidity.
       PM Update: Just going into the quite 99 cents store tells one of just how it was. The same kind of thing "Chowda" pulled for not waving and saying hello to him. I told them that they should do us all a favor and go home and kill themselves.

Hillcrest may be a place to avoid:
Rule Numbers-

September , 2015 &86:
       Don't mater what color you are,
      or even if you have your hands up.

       Let me guess, they watched too many cop shows and played too many video games.
       Being a bully just comes naturally to them because they are paid to live in a fantasy where you are above the law and even get paid to terrorize the local neighborhood.
       To them, they think they can play God because they are above the that governs us.
I had to laugh at this one in Oceanside on Sunday. There was more pedestrians than there was cars, and cars were just making it through the people somehow. And a cop pulled up and harassed some people for not using the side walk.
       Boy what that cop never sees would amaze you.

I want to say:
Thoughts and Prayers for the Stater

in Louisiana who pulled over an Evil one with a shot gun.
August 30, 2015:
People, -that is a big nasty in my book.
       You have to hope men who work as State Patrols are angles coming to save you after you've piled up your car on the high-way.
       You have to hope your blood and guts don't keep them from pulling out of your burning car.
       These guys see the worst things you cn do to yourselves, so don't go taking your frustrations out on the Angles of the Highway.
       Wouldn't doubt that came out of the puck kid who robbed a store and got himself shot. Too bad we got a bunch of 8%ers who think their lives mean more than others.
       And thanks to how the media profits from that, you no doubt will get a copy cat.
       Oh yeah; you already did.
       I know but, -I'd rather not write about that.

Oceanside Lifegaurd Criminal

Moron of the day:
Rule Numbers 23, 33, 44, 48, 65, 66, 78, 86 & 88
July 16th, 2015: Posted on 7-17th

The criminal with a badge must think he has won. Like he's all over the six month deadline and it hasn't even been a year since he put the City of Oceanside in Liability of his immature minded Stupidity.
       He was out there stocking me this morning at the shower.
       He was either trying to intimate me by taking pictures of me in return for me taking his, or he was hoping hoping the intimidation would spark some words from me that could be considered a threat, in hopes of causing trouble for me. And of course, I'd be the one going to jail. (Kinna like Meathead Martin sneaking up and pulling me over. Same thing.)
       Well, I don't know where he is getting his reasoning, but he must not think like so many others.

See, I think the reason so many people want me to be their president. They seem to think that money doesn't mean much to me. I some what would have to agree with them because it's something not worth fretting about when you can't take it with you. I'm here flesh and blood and that's good enough for me. I'm not going to get myself killed over chasing money nor am I going to waste my time chasing it when there is so much more money keeping it way from me. From what I see, money is my problem. My own money in someone else's hands as well as the hands that want to get their hands on to my money IS My Problem.
       I'd be happy and content on Social Security and enjoying my retirement if it wasn't for the cops robbing me of any money I've got.
       Hell, I'd be able to have nice surf gear and go to Costa Rica every year, -where I probably would be right now.

Anyway the deal is like Rule No. 48:
       This Mister Lifeguard Dude has it all wrong by thinking he is the one who has won. I know who he is. He is not one of those who have fallowed me throughout my life doing this to me and me knowing who they are.
       All remember him, and I really done see any reason or need to fret over it.

Laws Change:
Rule Numbers- 9, 20, 65

June 29th, 2015:
Robbed again by Oceanside Police Department
With slander for the forth time on top of that, -mind you.

       Honestly, just how blatantly stupid can they be?

Hell, I'm still looking at the flags, because I would like some kind of indicator that the rumors going around are true.
       Still at the top of that flag pole.

Oceanside citation for smoking

Don't you think they would learn to press harder:
When they write you a citation?
       They wouldn't even tell me what they were writing me up for until after I signed the citation. (They said it was a 1167, I think.)
       Anyhow, they didn't even inform me that it was illegal to smoke on the bridge, where the cigarette butt canisters have been for years.
       Smoked a cigar on the bridge this morning like any other time in the last 13 years .
       Just like getting a citation for dumping sewage down the storm drain right next to the RV dump station I'd been going to for about the same.
       Oh yeah,
       This Jay guy from SD something said I should tell the judge it was retaliatory animosity.
       I call it robbery, -on top of that.

Oceanside PD saves me,
from their own ODPO
Rule Numbers- 42, 50 & 51

June 25-26, 2015:
Even got to slept in my own bed
       Had theses two Security guards hand cuff me and pin me up against the wall as if I was a serious criminal .
       Shoulda seen the niffty little trick he had to disable my leg in an uncomfortable way until he finally let me sit in the ally after he had smashed my hat and trampled over my signs as if they were nothing more valuable than the trash left behind on the street.
       At least the real cops were kind enough to take the cuffs off me before they did their fifty question and other advices.
       Had me all scared at first, I was wondering if I'd be spending another night in the dunk tank.
       Told them I needed a couple drinks to get myself even motivated to do it.
       Good thing I didn't end up with another one of those Spielberg whores.

Funny Thing: Wouldn't you know someone was recording the incident and caught the Security guys telling the cops that I was a child molester.
       Well I'll just have to mark the date on the calender so I know when to file another claim by.

Got a Missouri Congressman on the line:
Rule Numbers-55

May 19th, 2015:
You know you are doing good work when....
A congressman can call his bully brother cop in Carlsbad.
       In other words that's reaching people.
       And get this, along with the Sargent who had his brother congressman on the line was the same bully that trashed my cage and then threatened to write me up for camping because I had my box sitting on the ground at Turn around, -say 6 or 7 years ago.
       He's the same bully as he used to be, with less hair over course now that he's gone for the tough bald head look because he looks too goofy with what hair he has left.
       It took me a while to put it together once he told me about the meeting. I just wish I would have remembered later because I would have been all over him about that for sure. Middle of the day, broad daylight. He just wanted to have his bully friend watch me load my box like a bunch of perverts. (Oh yeah, he buddies said they like my truck, and isn't it nice knowing that they are still not driving it?
       Anyhow, these two guys were seriously considering using the failure to be able to take care of one's self as a way to throw me in a mental hospital. As soon as the questions got to lead ons and such, I ducked over to the door to the store on the corner and asked the guy to PLEASE come witness the stuff the cops were saying to me. (The same guy who was offering me water before the cops showed up. )
       And now I'm jumping a head a bit,- I doubt very much he would have signed a complaint. By the time the second couple of cops showed up a couple hours later and cop went peddling the complaint forms, he wasn't even working anymore so if the second shift guy even signed it, I seriously doubt he even knew what he was complaining about because I had just stated a second shift myself.

But get this, later on a couple hours later I had a Carlsbad cop peddle their little complaint forms they peddled around the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and Coastal Highway.
       Now all it takes is a complaint from a cell phone and they say they will throw me in jail for it.
       I don't know what you get from that, but in my book, that's pigs peddling for trouble.
       Or in other words, that's officers of the lack peddling his forms in order to not only to create trouble for me, but inviting anyone with a cell phone to cause it.
       I call it a bully trying to cause trouble.
       Or you could say he is inventing trouble for me as a was of trying to run me off.
       Of course they had all kinds of suggestion of where else I should go, but isn't hat like saying that you can do it there but not here in Carlsbad because we will make it a crime for you to do so.
       The Makings of a criminal by Carlsbad police, -that should be a crime, -shouldn't it?.

silver bullet award

Silver Bullet Award:
To Police Officer in Texas
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 44

May 13th, 2015:
We here a MSR Apologize for being backlogged
Sorry for taking so long to get around to certain topics, and the lack of time I've put into research on them as well.
       Like I'd like to extend the Police Officer's fifteen minutes of fame today, even if it is a little late and with the lack of inter-net, I don't even have his name.
       Anyhow, he's the one in Texas, I guess, and he shot two or three terrorist with his side arm.
       As you may know already, we here at MSR need come up with something other than say GOOD SHOT!

So with that, we like to say that it's a good thing when an Officer of the law know when to pull the trigger, but also know how to do it well. (Probably saved the tax payers a shit load of money too.)
       Anyhow, We here at will be posting a new feature in a side-bar or maybe even a whole web-page dedicated to the list of Silver Bullet Award recipients.
       Nothing much comes with the Award but our thanks. None the less, I hope the recipients will be proud of it and I hope it will be something worth bookmarking,
-if you happen to be the recipient.

Two men down in Mississippi:
May 11th , 2015:
Thoughts, prayers and sorrow.
And I would like to mention that their are many of us who have thoughts and prayers for the families of the two Officers who were gunned down during a routine traffic stop in Mississippi.
       One can only wonder how much a preacher put on TV by the media had to do with it.
       I wish you would realize just how dangerous a cop's job is, -and someone has to do it. Going around shotting them only detours good guys from taking up the job. And scaring off the good guys is only shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to eliminating crime on both sides of the badge.

Oh get this: George Zimmerman got shot in the face over a traffic conflict. Too bad it was only minor.
       But it does show you what Karman is all about.

Gee, nice cops:

May 8th, 2015:
Gee, you see that video of the cop kicking a guy in the face as he's lying down?
       Just seeing his hat fly off shows me that unlike all the fake nice guy cop videos out there, this bad cop one is real.
       Broke the guys jaw.

Evil fireman in Ocenaside

Got a better image of one of Oceanside's finest first responders:
May 4, 2015:
I thought I'd at least get a better image of the evil bastard and of course he called the police.
       The Police told me I could be there because of a funeral about to start.

I went back anyways, -wouldn't you know, I was no surprise, because few of them even knew the sequence of the cards already and waiting to see where I fit in the new ones.

Oceanside Lieutenant Fireman/lifeguard put hundreds of people's life in danger.
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 51 & 86
August 10, 2014:

I guess you could say that Oceanside has a lot more in common with Morro Bay than you may think.
       Just as I told the cops that it wasn't by chance that the fireman picked on me and that it just had to be more of a coincidence that it may have seemed to be.
       Just as I can assume the coincidence of me finding the bolt that hold the coupling on the steering shaft on my truck was backed off, creating some slop of which I noticed Friday. (Something that the firemen in Morro Bay bragged about doing.)
       But them again, isn't it a coincidence that I found two loose bolts on the links holding my trucks front suspension under the front of my truck. And it that isn't enough, how about the bolt I found back out more than a quarter inch and about ready to let loose that holds the track bar eyelet. The ready neat part about the discovering the three loosened suspension bolts was that I discovered them after I had driven down the highway on my way to Vista yesterday. Which of course would be turning my 12,000 truck into a projectile that could have easily killed a few others more likely than myself. (Kinda like taking down an entire airplane, just to get one guy.)


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