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Louis Caps well medicated

Stupid Rule Number 8

December 8th, 2012 :

Boy have I got one for you.
     Just the kind of thing that can go down right in front of the media and Louis Caps (Congress).
     Sure you are not going to see it on the news, but you can hear it all right here at Mystupidrules. Got a recording and pictures to prove it all went down.

Yeah, a good day. However, there are a few parts I've been wanting to get into primer, but sometime soon I'll resize the pictures and get it all together.
     It was funny. Just like Axil Fowly would do. Can you believe I wasn't even going to walk over there because of all the criminals.

Louis craping with friends

bad guy in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay

Anyhow, I came across the BS card this Greg Haas guy gave to me. I just had to ask what a District representative was, because I just happen to think that he was Louis Capps' thug.
     I figured it was about time to mention that the phone records I'm interested in probably have this Greg Haas guy's number in there.
     He's probably the middle man Louis Capps has as a buffer between the street goons and herself.

      I seriously doubt these numbers are used for anything other than an answering service.

Greg Haas business card

back of greg haas business card

When you get a coo, coo train going, you can often find something interesting tagging along. One moment I had a little girl and the next thing, I've got some piglets along with this guy. (It all looked Affirmative Action too me.) He seems to be of interest to these others as well don't you think?

Criminal firemen and police in morro bay

nasy looking Cop in need of sun screen

Two words:

Sun Screen

I'll probably throw a new book excerpt at you all before I get to posting my ribbon cutting ceremony with Louis Caps. Boy she was good. Much more experienced at it than say,- Bill Black, who probably didn't think he would need a diaper so early in the day. Louis seemed to be a little slow and just this side of being coherent; I'm guessing she is smoothed over with some pain medications.

Louis Caps well medicated

December 13th, 2012 :

As far as the recording goes, there is only a short period at the beginning that is worth listening to. Within a few minute into it there was a photo op at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the fire department. I planted myself right behind the media's photographer and took the same pictures as them with Louis Caps and all.
     I quietly said a few words as I looked around for some kind of intervention, but instead, everything went quite and my words at conversation volume projected quite clearly as I made fun of the fact that everyone can be fooled sometime and I did put that getting dumber by the day and too stupid to do anything about it at the end of my pitch.
     Sorry I'd forgot to take the rubber cover off my MP3 player; hence it kinda screws up the fidelity of it and being inside my pocket didn't help it much, but you can still hear things pretty well.
     After the ribbon ceremony, I took the opportunity to get right in front of Louis Caps to take a few and see how well she could hold here crap.I realized that there would be a steady flow of stand in people working together with her security, to make sure she would always being the middle of a conversation, or called away from one if she found herself in one with a person like me.
     So I split because I had better thing to do than hang out with a bunch of crooks.
     And one thing I would like to mention.One of the things that actually drew me to the even was to see if there was anyone I knew or had been associated with actually hanging out with and supporting the criminals. Thank God there wasn't any.
      As I walked away from the event, you can hear me walk away with a limp from my sprained toe.
      But then I couldn't understand why I could let such a landmark making opportunity go astray. So I turned my ass around and went back to see how much of a disturbance I could get way.
      It was kinna neat the way the marching band stopped playing as I approached Louis as she was waiting in line for a hot dog or something.
      I began to ask Louis Caps about my missile launcher. But right off the bat, Louis caps body guard handed me his card and told me to give him a call. That's when I went into Axil Fowley mode and stated that it was and answering machine.
     From that point I just got into a pitch about wanting my cut for the missile launchers they are using to kill people with. You could tell they we expecting something to go down as the sea of blue uniforms moved it. To say the least, it appear as though Affirmative Action was alive and well. I spoke about them tapering with the steering on my truck and as I backed away, I had a line of what I called a bunch of criminals, I was parading along in front of all the bystanders. At one point a little girl thought to jion in with the little train I had going on. I turned around and she was under my feet and you should have seen the look at those bitches who want to be heroes. They acted as if I was trying to assault the little girl. That even got me laughing.
      Then at the end, as I had a train behind me, I patted myself on the ass so they would know that they should be fallowing me and the band began to play again.
     As I pulled the train of criminals along, I heard one someone try to imply that I was crazy, just as one could have expected, but I laughed because, I thought I was just having a blast. Making fools out of them.
      As I was making my exit and right before the band began to play again. there was a lady who said, "he's right."
      Then after I had thought I'd made the exit all clear and I'd thought I'd lost my tail of criminal firemen, I picked up a tail of Morro Bay's Affirmative Action Police Department out front of the building.
     At first, that stupid Detective Cullum dude got in my face and told me that I had disappointed all of them. I don't think I need to repeat what I said about what I think of that issue. Anyway as I turned away from the creep I realized that I was also facing the new captain with all her gold strips on her uniform. She was in my face too. I was being stalked by the police department as I made my way to the side walk. That's when I decide that it was a good time to snap off a few pictures to show people what police harassment looks like. But there in the mix, I saw what surprised me. Lousis Cap's thug had found himself out front with out Louis and he was tailing me also. There has to be something to that made up title of District representative. (And no, I haven't called him yet. I think I know what the drill is there.)
     Anyway, the recording is about twenty minutes, so except for the little photo op thing at the beginning, you might as well jump to the second half. I don't know how to edit yet, and I don't have time for that right now so, you'll just have to have some patents and just live with it.

Oh yeah, many people noticed that Louis Caps could not even look at me.
      I only wish I would have been drunk or something.

April 11th, 2013:
Is Louis Caps above the Law?

On second thought: What if the insurance company doesn't go after Louis Caps instead of just going with what her goons tell them. Yah have to realize that insurance companies often donate money to congress through law firms all the time. A little $1,000.oo fender bender is just chump change when you think about it like that.
     Sounds like her boys phone records alien with the two times I lost my tires in Ventura. (I was pretty much willing to bet on that.) But like I was hoping I could get the information I need for a law suit from the insurance company law suit. Do you have any idea as to how much I would have to spend to get the information?
     The question we are all asking here is whether or not Louis Caps is above the laws against insurance fraud and stalking?

March 29, 2013:
Sounds as though the public defender they set me up with was all in on the criminal activity too. Next court date as a result of a sting operation set up to get me for having no contractor license is set for April 9th, 2013. It's been months waiting for the name of the state representative who called me to set me up with it. My court appointed attorney says that they don't have a recording and I'm not about to say, what's up with that?

My next court date is May 17, 2011, as of which I will probably going to jail for not saying I had a metal illness.

The county shrink is going to tell the judge that I didn't cooperate.

It will be the third time I go to jail for trying to stop phoney child molester rumors the Morro Bay Police and Sheriff has spread.. 


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