Burgers To Go

Martin walks in to get a burger to go
Wasn't he just Stupid or was he just an Ass?

Mcquire told me that I didn't even talk to him. I wonder where he got that idea? Rooky Smith's report says differen.

March 24th, 2011:
Last night I confirmed that the rumors that Martin was fired where that just rumors.

Can you believe the creep decided to park the car and go into Burger King to get a couple burgers to go.
He had to have known I was in there because my truck was parked right out in front. But he had a new rooky to bring in to have a look at me. As I was trying to get a good picture of Martin, I laughed and asked the rooky if Martin was training him well.

I advised him not to take any lessons from Martin on editing the video, because he did such a poor job on the one I suggested he watch. Martin thought he would call for back up, so I called my dad and said, "you remember the other day when I felt I needed to pay you back as soon as possible, because we couldn't predict when I would need some cushion.
    Never the less, we lucked out and it was Silva who showed up.
     I said, "Check out Martin's handy work. Kinna pissed me off when Martin's video kinna crashed and blacked out but the sound was still there. (Way to many of Martin'scut and pastes going on.)
   Anyway, who's going to keep Martin away from me? The guy is obviously a nut case. And a criminal who everyone around here seems to think should be in jail.
   But what is this Justus system we have around here? The whole legal profession has lost its honor when this shit goes down and all they do is watch.

And oh yeah, I figured out something. I'm going to save the chat, so just stop back by later for an earful


Still working on this page.


March 18th, 2011:
All day yesterday, all I heard was, "Hannable, that's going to be a hard sell."

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