Bullies with a Badge

Cartoon of cop, I'm going to kick your ass and get away with it

Let's make this week a,
National Bully Cop Week.

April 14, 2017:
Five nasty beatings by seven cops in a week.
       We’ve got the Jay-walker who got beat up.
       Then there was the guy in the red car with his hands up getting punched for no license plate. Thing once he was on the ground and in hand cuffs, a back-up officer approached him and stomped him in the face.
       Then there was that 115 pound collage girl in high heals who got thrown to the ground.
       And let us not forget the doctor on the United Airlines plan that got the shit beat out of him by three more cops because he didn’t want to give up his seat. Just remember they were actually police not even on the payroll of United Airlines, but the airport itself.
       Didn’t I just remind you last week that the Police are the very people you should be afraid of because they are just Bullies with Badges?

Oceanside Police condone assaulting private inventors.
August 10, 2014:

There sure isn't any shortage of material for Calicops of course. I guess I have to mention the State Patrol in LA that beat the crap out of a 51 year old lady. Hell the gal was just ignoring his commanding orders and chose to walk away. The poor homeless gal was no threat to the officer, but he chased her down and beat the crap out of her anyway. Kinna like shooting someone in the back. Something that was found upon in the old days. But what the hell, we breed bullies and they become cops.

Give the Bullies Guns
You've got problems
July 3rd, 2014:

After discovering such an obvious name such as was available, of course I was curious if it had ever been used before and of course it didn't take much effort to figure out if anyone had had it before as well as who may have had it and dropped interest in it.
       Well to keep things simple and short, I found more material to link up to from this site and particularly for this web-page.
       The link below leads to a web-page that tells what happened in China after they decided to give their Police Officers Guns. It's what I call a bad mix.

I didn't actually coin the term "bully," actually. It was Mike a foreman and friend I had once who put it to words and it's been stuck in my head since. To him, cops are nothing but bullies, and I added the badge part because it just sounds right.

In my teenage years, I came to know what cops are all about first hand. At least to a young guy getting busted for having beer or pot. By the time I was 20 I had been busted 9 times. However only twice did the cops ever do anything other than take our pot or pour out our beer. I realize real soon that it was the younger cops who where looking to make trouble. The older cops just looked at the situation as it was just what young kids do. We weren't hurting anyone and just by talking to us they could tell if we were up to no good or not.

Over the years, I grew to admire the job of a police officer, because I think it would be an exciting job at times and that is the reason police scanners sell so much. But the only thing that kept me from ever wanting to be a cop is the fact that part of the job is being peoples let down. The bummer of the day no less. I could ticket a person for reckless driving and such, but just hiding out looking for the occasional speeder, just wouldn't be my thing. Nor would busting up some party just because something there may not be up to the law. Basically I couldn't rain on anyone's paraded.

I actually liked most cops until the city of Tacoma put me in a position to hate them. And even since, I give every officer the benefit of the doubt. Or show I say, I give them a chance to prove to me that they are one of the good guys trying to do the right thing from day to day.

But the fact is, police departments are finding that they have turn over had I think I have one of the reasons why. When you think about it, cops run in the family so to speak. Like father like son.
      Just as the last summer I was in Tacoma I ran into a old school buddy of mine who ended up being a police officer for the city of Tacoma. He said, "Yeah, if I didn't become a cop, I'd probably be in prison."
      Well, to set you straight, or as you can imagine, he was one of the class bullies who ran around school raising hell with people.
      When you think about that father like son bit, you may realize that there may just be a gene pool of bulling type people and if they like to harass people; what better of a job than be a bully to the general public than be a police officer. No one is going to arrest you for ruffing up a person. You can pretty much get away with anything because there are always laws in your favour. You can pull anyone over and trash there vehicle. Cuff them order them around and ruff them up if you want.
     But the scary part of it all is that if it is father like son that is going on. We are also giving them a badge and expecting them to make us uphold the law. We very well could be breading bullies and giving them a badge.
    I happen to think that it is the reason for a high turn over rate. Cops getting into trouble, so they get encouraged to resign and move to another department in another town. Also I think that the descent cops probably don't like hanging out with a bunch of bullies so they choose to retire as soon as they can.


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Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)



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