Springing a Warrent
In San Luis Obispo

Yes folks, I showed up to the next court date,
only to discover that I was going back to jail.

Report filed by David Smith of the Morro Bay Police Department, California

April 21st, 2011:
Boy do they have the propaganda going on around.
And of course there is the new tool they are trying to use to incriminate me. Sure it's their goal to make me out to be some kind of bad guy, but they just happen to forget to mention the thing about the Feds having a tail on me for more than a decade. Anyone who knows what I'm taking about will know the argument and it is surely something to be considered spilled milk.
    I'm getting a little tired of hearing, "They are going to talk to him." As if they have some kind of settlement in mind. But that is just something they say because many people just think they should pay me off so they can gag me and I could just move on and build my little trucks. It is the most logical solution, because not of only the jobs I could create, but the revenue is something the state of California really could use right now. Being such a valuable truck, I don't really have to put myself in the Midwest somewhere just to be able to make a profit. 

I'm to the point where I have to revamp all these web-pages that cover all this mess going on around here.
    There is one thing I was going to mention earlier. About the new officer Morro Bay hired back in Jan or Feb.  Apparently he was sworn in a hospital room beside his wife's bed because David wanted to stay close to his wife during a complicated pregnancy.

Morro Bay Police officer David Smith

The news letter stated that David Smith was hire fresh out of the academy as well as he was considered to be at the top of his class. And after reading what his wife had to say, about their faith and all, I thought I would mention that maybe MBPD was a little bit better at selecting a new officer this time around.
    However, I remember Rule No.23 well and I just let things ride. But then with the days of my little visit from Martin back on the 23rd, I thought the word Smith had been mentioned a few times and I was betting it was him who turned his back to me while I took the picture. (I was right.)
     Well when it is all said and done. Guess who filed a report a week later. Yeah see, Smith, If you are going to file a report, do it right away while the comments are fresh in your mind, because when you put someone away, you better do it honestly because if you don't, God just may frown on you. You need to be coached by the Lord and not by a bunch a criminals a week after the fact, because folks like me as well as others my just think you are delusional.
   See folks, I knew what I was doing. Once again I knew where to draw the line. Anyone can realized that I certainly would not be asking Martin to watch his own handy work, because he was the one who spent all the time editing it. All I was doing is making fun of it and it wasn't for my TV show about to come on, I'd write out the dialogue for you right now. But I'll do it tomorrow and then I'll post Smith's report.
    And there was a witness, and if we have him chose which one is the most accurate one; well.....

Anyhow, Smith, you sinned in the eyes of God you lousy lyer. David Smith is just another bad cop hire by the Morro Bay Police Department. 

Report filed by Gene Stuart of the Morro Bay Police Department

I don't know about what you think, but I happen to think the Morro Bay Police Department just used their rookies to do a little bit of their durty work,

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

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