Sergeant R. Catlett

Sargent Catlett of the Morro Bay Police

This guy is a real loose pistol

About mid August, 2008: I got a visit from two rooky cops while I was working on my web-site in the library at about 10 or 11pm. They were probubly just nosey and wanted to take a look inside my cage. However, they told me about the no camping bit and get this. They wanted me to leave my door open so they could tell that I wasn't sleeping.
      I had them wound up so much, I laughed when one said the F word.
     I asked, I asked what if someone tries to rob me? He said call 911. Yeah, I firemen in a firetruck do that for me in Australia. Then they drove off and left me waitng alone for the police to show up. The street gang just walked around the building and came after me with pipes.
(Yeah how safe is that? Serve and protect my ass.)

September 12th, 08: Boy this web-site sure got popular in Japan all of a sudden. The visits and page loads are doing pretty good lately. 
            I guess they like the dirt on the US of A.

September 19th, 08:  Last night on Sept. 18th Just about midnight, I recognize a extremely loud pounding on my door. I was the same violent pounding as I experienced on June 7th.
  However this time I made sure to get his name. Sergeant R. Catlett is his name and lying is his game.      He had a backup of course; I figure it was for the possibility that Catlett would get me to assault him and then they could beat the crap out of me together.
     Catlett opened up the conversation by lying about not ever seeing me before. This time he made up some new rules. He said that the parking lot was closed when the library is closed. And if I didn't leave, he would arrest me for trespassing.
  Gee, if the city is hurting for money, they should clean up on Mondays because every Monday the library is close and the parking lot usually has at least a dozen cars parked there. And another time to clean up and fill those beds at the county jail would be Saturday nights when the AA meetings go on in the hall next door. I would like to see Catlett arrest some of the old ladies who frequent the place almost every night too.

But no - this is all about harassment, making up rules and giving orders as they please. It's something taxpayers have to do - that is giving the bullies like Catlett a badge so they don't go home and take it out on their wives.

As soon as I grabbed a note pad and asked Catlett to spell out his name for me, he refused retreated to his SUV be for I could get it. (It's hard to red small black lettering on a shiny name tag in the dark and isn't that against the law when cops won't give you their name?

Catlett high-tailed it out of there, but I managed to get the numbers of the back of their vehicles. And I would say I kinna owe his back up, (as I know now as officer Cantu,) an apology for the things I said in the heat of the moment. I happen to think the Cantu is just another innocent backup who otherwise would have left me alone.

>Anyway, I just drove down to the police station and grabbed the red phone that is placed outside. I just asked for the names of the officers who where driving squad cars 805 and 803. All I managed to get was the correct spelling for Catlett before two cop cars pulled up to the curb and Catlett came rushing out the front door.

>To my surprise the one who I didn't get the name of on April 30th pulled up in a squad car but again he refused to give it to me or even get a look at it for that matter. And Catlett was there to make sure I wouldn't get close enough to get it from him.

>Catlett was all over me and said that if I didn't leave, he would arrest me. I asked, "Arrest me for what?" He said, For obstructing police business." I said, "What police business?" Isn't there anything else for so many of you to do besides harass people? You guys need to get a life."
      Catlett said, "If you don't get into your truck right now, I will arrest you."
      "Yeah - right," I said.
      As I approached the driver's side of my truck, I looked my shoulder to discover Catlett had pulled out his handcuffs and was charging after me as I approached the door of my truck.
       I said, "God - I'm leaving - just leave me alone!"
      As I sat on my seat, I said, "Creep, -where do they get these guys?" I had to laugh. The whole bit was the most fun I've had in a long time.

I used to like older cops because I figured they at least had their head on straight, but this Catlett guy kinna changed that.

We need to find something for these Morro Bay cops to do; like painting restrooms. I've got some brush and rollers the city of Morro Bay can barrow if they can't afford any after paying the wages and insurance on so many cops. (I bet they burn up a lot of gas too; may be they should get them some bikes to ride around on instead.)>

 It sure would be nice around here if the city of Morro Bay would go broke and become unincorporated again. The we could say good-by to the cops.

September 19th, 08:   Today I got the notice of the hearing on the 20th of October. The funny thing is, I had managed to get the names of three for the four cops involved: Bargantzel, Martin and Kelly. But this notice listed Martin, Kelly and two others I'm not aware of. What I'm trying to say is that at least one of them wasn't even there and the forth wouldn't give me his name.



Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

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Sargent Catlett of the Morro Bay Police Department

Looks like tricky dicky to me.


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