The Defendant
Dennis James Sattler

Hello, my name is Dennis Sattler,
I'm an inventor and patent holder, but instead of profiting from my inventions, I've discover this baggage that has fallowed me every where I go. This baggage is corruption brought on by the industries with the use of government agencies.
     When I pulled into Morro Bay, it wasn't more than ten minutes after my arrival I met one of the lonely and bored police officers who were about to be the next victims.

They have be come victims because they didn't to read anything I wrote nor did they listen to anything I said to them. They just wanted someone to push around. 

I only came to Morro Bay to provide myself a life of work and play.
The work is carpentry and the play is surfing. Unfortunately playing music is out of the question around here
Although I pretty much stuck to myself, trouble sure has found me here. The city exists only to support their fire and police departments.

big sir waterfall sunnyside central coast

The Hillbilly in me was captured just south of Big Sur

P-Day Journal


> Introduction
> Hannable
> Harassment
> Contesting
> Sergeant R. Catlett
> The Rumor
> Bill Black
> School
> The Claim
> Poisoned
> Drug Deal Recording   
> Arrested by Martin
> Jailed by Martin
> The Plea No. 1
> In Court w/Martin
> Martin's DVD
> Hand-off in Court
> Burgers To Go
> The Warrent
> Jailed Again
> The Lousy Deal


no bad cops

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