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Or should I say in Martin's Court?

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January 11th, 2011
  Officer Martin cut and ran. Well, not exactly, but it was sort of what I expected. He only made it to the hallway outside of the court room. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but just like all evil things, I ignore them whenever I can because if you don't acknowledge evil, it tends to have less power.
    Never the less, just as I thought, they would either throw out the case or try to plead me out with a lesser misdemeanor charge.
    Shortly after I arrived, my court appointed attorney James B, Maguire III, pulled me aside to talk about the deal he had stuck up with the prosecuting attorney.
   He said that they had watched the video and thought it was more like a misdemeanor charge and not so much a felony. I asked if there would be more jail time and then he said that he didn't know. He said he's have to talk it over with the PA and find out.
   Then he came back with another offer, no jail time but I'd have to go to a mental hospital for a mental evaluation, and I got him to admit that there might me some kind of anger management program to fallow.
    I thought gee yeah, and how much would that end up costing me? I told him about my studies in that area and I knew that it wasn't the problem with me because I very seldom get mad these days. like once since I got out of jail and that was because Rite Aid have misleading advertising and labeling designed to mislead and I happen to think they want us stupid.
     However, I told him that it would only incriminate me because the auto manufactures could bribe them to say anything they want to make me out to be what ever they want me to be
    Also I was told that even if I did take the plea, I would be back in court to find out what kind of fine I would have to pay.
   I mentioned to him about the 72 hour evaluation that I got out of in 48 hours. For smashing up my own truck. He could get the movie rights part of in or my reasoning and wasn't going to take the time to understand so he said, "Hold on, I've got to go make a continuance real quick, I'll be right back."
     I didn't believe a lot of what he had said to me, so I figured I'd walk into the court room to see if I could actually hear what he was saying into the PA's ear.
  He waved me over and before I knew it, he was making a plea for me. It heard nothing about any mental hospital but I wasn't interested in making any deal that I didn't understand.
   So when the Judge spoke to me personally, I said, "Hold on here.  This isn't something I can agree with. You know I beat myself up over this, but then I can't blame myself either. Martin is the criminal here because he stood up in a school and told kids that I was a child molester. And this is all about getting Martin to lie in this court room. Where is Martin anyway?"
    Maguire informed me that he had left.
 I asked Judge Trice what all of it meant and Trice explained a few things and then asked me if I wanted to turn down the plea.
   "Yeah, lets see how much money we can spend on all off this and bring him back."
    Well that isn't exactly word for word, but you get the drift. I have to admit, I was about a formal as the character House was in front of the judge on TV. It was kind of funny because everyone in the courtroom had those rebellious eyes that say, way to go man. (At least that was what I felt.)

Maguire kind of change his tune during those two little meetings. He said that he would not be able to question Martin about his slander. That I couldn't supply a jury with my book. Things that I just don't think are right. However, he did say I could tell the jury about the incident. (Boy, wait until they get a load of me.)
Folks, the only way out of this is with a jury, because just as my dad said, the judge always sides with the cop. At first my dad was a little upset that I didn't take the plea, but then after thinking about it, he thinks I did the right thing.
      Same goes for the opinion I received from an ex-coworker/friend of mine. He said, "I don't think they realize that this is bigger then all of them."
       Ain't that the truth. 

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010


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