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April 30th, 2011
     The past couple days, the people on the street have shown concern that the City of Morro Bay sure hasn't learned much from all that has gone down in the past year. They went and hired a new cop that wrote phony paper just two months after he was hired.
   Because he wrote phony paper, I end up in jail taking a plea for a felony I was about to beat the fallowing week. If the guy doesn't understand what he did was wrong, maybe it's just Smith playing god.
      Yes folks, he was hired on Jan. 24th, 2011 and filing phony paper on March 24th.
      Yeah, I really don't even need to write out the conversation that really happened because everyone realizes that I wouldn't have been talking to Martin in the first place.

  That part about Fresno. I actually goofed and said, what do you expect, martin is from the dumbest city in the world. (But actually, Fresno is considered the dumbest city in the country.)

I found this bit on Smith at

Fresh out of the police academy, Morro Bay hired smith 27 days after he graduated top of his class at Allan Hancock College. With a baby on the way, it couldn't come at a better time.

"She didn't stress me out about it, saying you need to get a job. She knew that God would answer our prayers and we just kept praying and we got very blessed with the opportunity with Morro Bay," David said.

April 27th, 2011
     Tonight I had my first run in with Smith and friend, a ride along who wouldn't tell me his name. (Isn't that illegal?)
           Anyhow, Smith decided to pull into the storage yard for a first hand snoop at my shit.
  I don't know what they train these guys, but they tend to be on the defensive side of things when there isn't even anything going wrong.
        It's like the rookies they kick out are running scared or something. A bit paranoid for my comforts when they are the ones with a gun and a badge.
       One think I would bet is the Smith has never cracked a Bible, but he sure isn't afraid to talk the talk.
      Once I got his name out of him, I said, "Oh you know how to write phony paper, don't you?"
  He actually denied it. 

This Smith guy is looking for trouble and I can assure you he will go out of his way to create it.
     UpDate: you can bet Smith tried to get me in trouble with the management there, so now we keep the back gate closed so jerks like Smith are kept out.)

May 12th, 2011: Stupid Rule Number 77:
The other day on the 10th, I had the opportunity to meet my probation officer. The Rule 77 part of it is that if you don't want a long probation, you probably wouldn't want to rant and rave like I did. But this gal handled it better than most guys do these days. She said, "I can tell you are a little upset." The funny thing about the whole bit is that my utility knife must have slid out of my side pocket and I must have been playing with the button for I don't know how long.
     Of course she kept it short as possible and then asked me to put away my knife.
     Boy, it was like a hot potato, and I didn't know what else to do but get rid of it inside my computer bag.
    I don't know what else to say, but I thought she handled pretty well. I'd hire her. But I'm still a little bit worried that she my just stab me in the back anyway.
   At least that is what I'm afraid of with this shrink I had to deal with today. Yeah, the friends of the judge's. I expected to get frisked down before going in, but just as I told them, "Don't believe anything you may have been told about me. 
   I have very little doubt that the gal had not been pre-conditioned. I didn't even get a chance to start at ground zero. The meeting consisted of her telling me how they work with people making sure they take their medications and such. Yeah, Right.

When it got down to asking a few questions about me, the first to come was the. "have you ever been in a mental hospital before."
    "Sure twice," I said and I've brought the medical reports with me, and asked her if she would like to see them. 
      Then she went for the question that would only incriminate me. She expected me to tell here that I was mentally ill, and she got upset when she learned that I was going to leave her guessing.
   It would have set a bias for her to jump to the conclusion that any of the doctors I met before had any common sense at all.
     The medical reports list a whole bunch of symptoms, but never did they state clearly what the diagnose and therefore, why would anyone want to randomly pick anyone of them when that are not mentally ill in the first place.
   Now this gal says I'm not cooperating and that is the message she is giving to the judge.
    But I said, "Hey, I'm here right now, I'm in, sign me up for three years."

Never the less, I recorded both of these meeting. I think this one with the psycho freak lady is the first to hit the server. Sorry about the long beginnings.
I'll try to figure out how to cut out the beginning and ends at later time; so.....

So folks, I'm going to work on uploading the conversation that will probably put me back into jail the third time for just trying to get rid of child molester rumors. that have been following me for 12 years.
       And lets not forget going to jail for reporting a crime committed by a police officer to another police officer.
   Now it's boils down to going to jail over an incriminating conflict of interest with the Judge.

May 13th, 2011: I'm thinking it was a set up.
Today was an interesting one. As to who you can run into at a 7/11 in SLO. I'm not going to spoil the surprise or anything, but timing of things makes me have second thoughts about the whole scenario. As spineless as people are to day, and if I was in his position, I would not getting into conversations with someone who happens to be making light of whether I'd be going back to jail,
Any how, just as with any other potential game I just ran with it because the opportunity was there and I'm just curious as to where it may lead
Even about mid day I ran into one of those friends whom you are destined to meet in this lifetime happens to think it was just a coincidence. (Kinna like a running bet to me and I'd get a kick out of it if I prove him wrong.) Never the less, I think something interesting is about to develop.

And the thing that rounded out the day on a good note for me. It is what was said about me by a guy at the skateboard park, on my why home. What he said to the others about me after he pointed me out that blows my mind.
     If this is what the kids are saying about me, apparently they aren't insulted by me at all, they're just hoping I succeed at saving us from our own stupidity.
     I couldn't be more proud.

May 24th, 2011: Making or braking it.
There is one thing I'd like to mention. Something I heard about, the weekend of the car show here in Morro Bay.
    Apparently over the past few years, the cops had been telling some of the organizers that I was a child molester.
    When all this bit with Martin, they figured out that they were played. That didn't go over too well and from what I heard today was an indication that it just didn't go away.

Oh yeah, you wouldn't believe how many are web -searching for "Bad Morro Bay Cops."

May 25th, 2011:
I've got another case of slander from a county employee. Happens to be a libararain in Morro Bay.
I got a visit from detective Dale Cullum of the MBPD.
Tell me, doesn't his photo look staged?
     Who does he think he's fooling. Someone should brake his nose.

Detective Dave Cullum of the Morro Bay Police califorina

    This guy says he hopes I like him. Hell, he's a criminal and as I told him that he was worthless and a waist of tax payer's money.
   Remember back a couple months ago, when I had just paid the $5 to get the forms to take out a restraining order against Martin? Well, I was running off some copies of them at the library just before it was about to close. The fat bitch that works there was afraid she wasn't going to lock the doors at 5:00 and not one second later. Even though it wasn't five o'clock yet, she began bitching at me and I bitched back about the fact that I wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for the criminals he government had working in he town.
      Never the less, Cullum came around about what, two months later and said that she said that I threatened to kill Martin. Sure he said that no one else was backing here , but what the heel is he coming around two months later?
 Anyhow, he asked if I had anything to say about her, and I said, that she is a moron a dumb bitch. (Even better; I'll up load the .WAV file soon You'll laugh because I actually did a pretty good spill. ( Shit, I should have uploaded it the next day because something happened to it because there is only about 6 minutes of the at least half hour spill. Gee, do you think, Cullum would hand over his recording?)

     But anyway, at least I can prove this little meeting about 6 weeks after the fact happened, and telling cops lies to get other people in trouble is suppose to be illegal
.. He just walked away with a copy of Martin's video, proof of his own thug tampered a video. And on top of that, he actually dropped by to see if he could put words into my mouth. What a creep.

May 27th, 2011:
I can't get over the looks of this guy.
He looks like a wired felon to me.
And they even gave him a gun and a badge.
He could be your worst nightmare.

Morro Bay Police officer David Smith

David Smith

I seriously doubt the had a clue that Martin was using him. He's the one with his back to the camera. Man, only two months into it, he's writing phony paper, helping Martin and the City of Morro Bay keep falsified evidence out of the court room; which was only a week away. And made a felon out of me.

May 27th, 2011:
It just doesn't stop.
Last week when I was up in Santa Margarita, there were two of three people, planted at the two stores in town, just to spread rumors. I heard one of them say, "That guy suppose to be a child molester. They had an older couple at the general stor and then the guy I heard was planted two doors down at the liquor store. It was 1:00 in the after noon when I went for something for lunch.
     I only want to get away from corruption, but by some how it finds me. Everywhere I go.

June 18th, 2011:
For those of you wondering how the sentencing went down, I'll be putting another web-page together and add it to the bottom of the menu.
But that's for later, for right now, I have to say it was a good day. There was a crooked cop convention going on down at the Rock. That is a "Give us more of your money so we can terrorize you with a dog."

At first I thought it was some kind of a dog show, but then I notices the dog money display and I nearly walked right into Bill Black.
  That's when I went for my camera.

They want $60,000.oo for a police dog, but even if they get it, they won't be able to afford to keep it because the lifespan of a mutt is longer than the life span of the Morro Bay Police Department.
      And get this, Bill Black has been getting the cash for the criminal out of the K-9 lovers, by putting on a dog walk.

  I wonder how much money Mr.Black is able to slip under the table.
 Never the less, it was a good opportunity to get some of my own pictures of the criminals of Morro Bay.  

Bill Black shitting his pants

Bill Black about to crap his pants when he heard.

Criminals Bill Black and Sargent Catlett of the Morro Bay Poilce

After people began to notice I was documenting Mr. Black, he thought to run with it, so he walker over to Catlett and friend and decided to make a kind jester and pose for me. I'm sure he hoping I'd just leave and not say anything. Or maybe he was counting on his buddies to ;arrest me if I did so.
(I don't know who the guy on the left is but, I can assure you that he knows who I am.)
     Of course, Catlett was there to make sure nothing like that was going to happen.
That only gave Billy boy something to explain later.

Bill Black with crap in pants    Holding it in.

Criminal Bill Black of Morro Bay Police Department taking in Money

Sure, I can believe people are stupid enough to hand over their hard earned money to terrorist.    

Sargent Catlett of the Morro Bay Police

Time was running out and I had to make it to the bank.

      However, I happened to enjoy the little meeting with Mr. Black so much, I could help myself from going back because you never know who else just might show up.
      So I turned it around and drove back, only to see what appeared to be Bill's truck leaving the parking lot, but was that Bill's truck at all, doesn’t look like him, but it's obvious to me, he knows who I am and I just can't see why he would have wanted to pose for me earlier.

This is fun hah?
A diaper run I suppose?

So When I got back, the opportunity such as the one I had earlier, wasn't happening. Because, I should have grabbed my phone while the drawings were made, when the people where quite and gather around. I would have done just as they have done to me.  Called my Dad on the phone and said, hay dad, you remember me telling you about that Bill Black volunteer cop guy who told my friends I was a child molester; he's right in front of me taking donations for the rest of his criminal buddies today.
  But dam, why am I so stupid.
  Anyhow, I turned around and discovered that Hannable had just appeared in his hot pursuit squad car and over sized sun glasses. I didn't know if he had noticed me or not because just as with Black, we almost ran into each other.
   So I stood back and waited for that journalist image that would be nice to have over the one I got from the police station.
  Never the less, I had the eyes of at least two other police officers as well as a few volunteers watching what was taking place and Catlett was sure to intervene.

Criminals Richard Hannable and Sargent Catlett of the Morro Bay Police

Catlett making sure Hannable knew I was behind him

Criminal Richard Hannable of the Morro Bay Police Department California

Sorry, I waited for him to look at me. .

Crininals Bill Black and Richard Hannable of the Morro Bay police California

Yeah, I got your back partner

    And oh, could it be that he's afraid, I might publish what the word on they street has been saying about him. It's probably the reason he was fired from Pismo and most likely the reason he works for free know.
   See the deal is: there has been rumors going around stating that the little secrete the local government has been hiding; sounds as if Hannable had a questionable kill.
   Boy, its kinna creeping having that out there so watch out when driving Main Street.

Bill Black helping hide Richard Hannabler of the Morro Bayy Police Department of California

But then Black decided to take one for the team,
and aid the crook in his swift departure and that's when I felt that if I had had any brains inside my head, that I would have stayed in the return path to the squad car instead of going for that journalistic shot. Oh well, Rule No. 50.
       Anyhow, Hannable bought a couple T-shrits and turned away from me and made a bee-line to his crappy little Charger.
       As things appeared quite bleak as far as the festivity's were going. I was about to leave when I noticed Commander Collins in civilian cloths, at the tee shirt stand, so I took a picture of him for the hell of it.

Apparently he didn't appreciate it too much because he stepped out and approached me and told me. "Mr. Sattler, you can take pictures of police officers, but you can't take picture of people. If you take pictures of people the police will arrest you."
  (It's obvious to most, I wouldn't ever drag innocent people into this stuyff, if I didn't have to. Apparently I have a little more decency than Collins thinks.)

     And I'm thinking, it that what six months of training at the academy has taught you? Then all of a sudden, I had Bill Black in my face telling me, "You just can't going around taking pictures of me."
      "Sure I can. You're a criminal, you should be in prison.
You're bad and I should be living in your house, shitting in your toilet."
     I was enjoying letting his constituents, know just how I felt it should be; if there was any Justus in this world.
    As folks began to gather interest in our little conversation, I felt the grip of Catlett on my arm, "if you don't leave right now, I will take you to jail."
            Oh well, just another day in Morro Bay.
   Kinna funny when I own their jobs.
   And oh, did you hear that Half Moon Bay has just lost a law suit over a land development deal and now they can't afford their police department any more since it amounted to about 40% of the cities annual budget.

June 30th, 2011:
This morning I was able to somewhat back my crazy little theory that Officer Bargantzel was used to rob me the other night.

Or just say that James Rockford would had been trying to put two and two together, but needed something to back one of his suspicions of possible scenarios.
    Bottom line is: since the night of June 28th, I've had to wonder if the auto manufactures have put someone in the RV park, across the road from where I've been staying at night. It's not like something they haven't done before in other places. Any how, their job is only to create rumors and to try to get me into some kind of trouble with the police.
    I already know they play with peoples heads and after a neighbour stopped by this morning to let me know that my music does travel and I asked if he was the one who called.... But just as I would expect, I think he would have done it a long time ago and it didn't appear that the guy was complaining. He just said wanted to let me know that my music travels.
    He also agreed that the cops around here are criminals. 
    The feeling I got out of it is that he maybe aware of someone in the RV Park trying to get people in the trailer park all riled up against me.
      Boy wouldn't I like to get my hand on the register and look at who's paying the rent for them if that's the case. The next best thing would be to have their plate numbers.
(And oh: I'm betting the call came from a pre-paid cell phone, but if cops actually did their jobs, they would know that.)

  Another thing I'd like to mention. Don't they say that in a court of law, you are suppose to have the right to face the accuser. Well on August 8th, I really don't want to face Officer Bargantze. I want the right to face the person who made the call. The person who made the call is the one I want to see, because I'm pretty sure they work for the auto manufactures and that could point to conspiracy anti-trust laws.

  July 12th, 2011
My probation officer brought something to my attention. The no contact order between martin and me. It works both ways. Therefore Martin is not suppose to contact me.

Then what was on Judge Trice's mind when it was clear that Martin came into the restaurant where I was before him? He drove within inches of my truck parked outside the front door.
Just as I've said before, that there is safety in numbers. Now everyone is taking about how the true witness of the incident has just seemed to have disappeared....
      We're trying to figure out if Martin or Smith had something to do with it.
       Regardless, we're faced with the question, who is responsible for the disappearance of our little friend?

In my opinion, if it wasn't for Trice's little oversight, the whole restaurant thing would not have been an issue. I didn't even need a witness if it wasn't for Trice.

Then the next question, was it the auto manufactures or Morro Bay's finest criminals with a badge, Martin and/or Smith?

July 14th, 2011
There has been one hell of a scary word hitting the streets for Morro Bay,
 it's police force,
as well as the whole San Luis Obispo Country?


July 18th, 2011
I received the bill for the amount I must hand over to support the terrorist in the San Luis Obispo County.
To think I have dished out about $2,000.oo for the effort to stop phoney child molester rumors.
Anyhow, I received the bill Judge Trice put together for me.

Also, thanks to officer Bargantzel, on August 8th, I fine out how much more I must provide to the criminal revenue fund.

Kinna sucks when I'm trying to live on the money I got from pawning my guitar.

Also I received

Update: the financial evaluation was all about where I made enough money to have to pay for the public defender. Slide by on that..
     Anyhow, this entry of the 18th has actually been written on the
July19th but for documental purposes of receiving the docs on the 18th, well, you know.
   Anyway, yesterday, Officer Stuart made his way over to me when I was setting at the rock.
   He said that he has always thought I had something there, with my truck and all. He couldn't understand why I couldn't find and investor to help out with my truck. (And somewhere in there, within our meeting, he himself said he would try to set me up with an investor.)
  The poor boy is a bit naive. It's like I'd feel sorry for him if he was in my shoes and discovered that there wasn't any way he was going to get it from any private individual or company.
 The actually said that I should go to the auto manufactures, because he was pretty sure at least one of them would want to build my truck.
  Yeah, this poor boy is lost on that one I'm afraid.
   Another thing I'd like to mention, Stuart had his watered down way of saying that Martin was too stupid to know how to edit the video.
   Stuart mentioned that it was all on hard drives.
But then I told him that I looked into the whole program (labeled Certified.) and even gave them a call because I was hoping I'd get it working on my web-site since it have index.html files set up on the disk already. I told Stuart, "I asked them how to make it work on my web-site and she said to go to my police department and have them tell me."
        "Yeah, right," and Stuart got a good laugh out of that one."
(The company that sold Morro Bay the audio/video systems at one time had a satellite office in San Luis Obispo at one time. All I found was an empty office. But knowing what kind of guy Martin is, I wouldn't doubt he went over there and offered some cash or even drugs for the program. Somebody there probably just slipped a disk in the computer and pressed record. Went home that evening with some pocket filler.)
          Another thing Stuart is just a little too naive about. He seemed to think that child molester rumors shouldn't be able to get in the way of finding an investor. He actually thinks you and go about life just fine just by ignoring them.
    I said, "Hey, do you realize I don't even have a passenger seat in my truck. Doesn't that mean something?"
     Then I noticed other people looking over, so I began yelling, "Hey, these cops have been going around, even in the schools, telling kids that I'm a child molester!"
     Of course, that didn't make Stuart to happy. He began ordering me to stop it.
    I guess, having to think what others may think of him, after hearing such an accusation.

What ever the people would think of me, whether they were thinking I was one or not. It didn't mater to me because I've been there and I'm no longer afraid to use the word.
    But there is that on the other hand; that people might think he was one of the ones that did such a nasty thing to the guy with the fancy truck.
    Stuart didn't like the being the suspicion that he could, that very stigma that is created. Like I told him, "Nobody is going to invite you over for to their Sunday Bar-B-Q.

August 3rd, 2011:
One thing Meathead Martin didn't find under my seat

business card of sheriff rainer bodine

Yes folks, I kepts thowing it back into my truck over the years because I figured that his name my just come in handy someday.

August 3rd, 2011
What if I told you that I could get my inventions into production for only $1,000.oo?
I bet you would ask me, why I just don't do that?
Well, you see, next week, on Monday I find out how much more the Morro Bay Police are going to make me pay for terrorism instead. Hell, I've already spent $1,000,oo this year on there corruption and yesterday I had to make my first formal payment towards the $700.oo rooky David Smith just cost me.
    Officer Stuart waved to me this morning. I wonder if he has a thousand he could loan me? He said he'd try to get me and investor. Oh yeah, cops lie.

August 8th, 2011
There is something I've been wanting to mention lately. Ever since I read about Half Moon Bay loosing their Police department some time this year. At about the same time as Morro Bay hired this David Smith guy, like Reed and Bolster where loosing their jobs. The kids there told me that they had good cops there because they got sued over having a bad cope before. Unfortunately some screwed up land use deal backfired on the City of Half Moon Bay this time and since the police department was about 60% of their budget, it had to be cut.

Anyhow, I met Bolster and Louble on an unexpected morning. See the deal was, before I left Santa Cruz I told everyone I was going to Monterey, although Half Moon Bay was set for default because I was sure the place would get worked over.
    What got me was what Bolster referred to themselves as. He said, "We're just pawns, for the government." We help put the criminals out of business so that the government doesn't have any competition."
          But as I was telling a bunch of stuffed suites today.
Bolster has it all wrong, because the criminals have the government working for them now.
      So where dose this leave a guy like Bolster?
      Is he suppose to terrorize people for the sake of revenue? Money to feed the court system?
   Isn't it nice to know that a city like San Francisco had to cut back on its court system.
      It's become a system that feeds the lawyers and judges and jails. It can be a money making machine but then when you get judges who play politics, you get a system that is run by corruption.
    We are getting to the point where we've got the guns on the wrong side of the door.
  The criminals you most need to be afraid of; have a badge and he can very well be insane and they can be knocking on your door at any time..
   It's insane that one cop with just stand there and do nothing if another cop commits a crime. They will actually let their co-workers get away with the crimes against humanity. Their pigs and their isn't any other word for it.

     We actually have a Justus system that is designed to protect these gun toting villains.

    Both the bullies with badges and the Justus system is working for the criminals.
   Just think about all that money you loaned to the criminals to keep them in business.
    Yeah, like there jobs are going to keep this country from tanking.
   Also, we've got another judge involved. Hunt.

August 14th, 2011
There are a few things that I have not mentioned.
Like the fact that the original DA prosecuting attorney who mentioned the child molester words Martin put in his report was Colman or Cummins? . Then they put me back on the bus with the rest of the criminals who over head it mentioned the first time I appeared in court. Which most likely prompted "the phone call" and the private escort to court the second time.
    Then the second time the prosecutor was switched.

And then the person I mentioned I'd met at the 7-11 on May 13th just happened to be Cummins or Colman? The DA himself who listened to about a 20 minute pitch and received a copy of the falsified video.

Also the day I rounded up Sheriff Bodine's first name, I gave another Sheriff a copy of the DVD also.

  Now I'm dealing with the situation again. I'm having to deal with even more court dates with the same lame public defender who will bend over again.

I'm looking towards another 10 days in jail for a probation violation that I didn't commit because of a citation written by MBPD when I wasn't even in the city limits.

 I'll edit this later, because I'm just not into this crap right now, but will I ever.

August 16th, 2011
There is a lot of truth in what I'd just written earlier.
The thing about the guns on the wrong side of the door.
Just tonight I had a knock on the door, in which resulted in to armed men in bullet proof vest. Criminals who work for the government which is working for criminals.
    Also just as I said, they are scratching for something when it all of a sudden changed from a call once a week to a couple armed idiots knocking on my door.
 It's annoying and as I told them, "it only makes me look bad." They couldn't understand what I was saying but then they don't understand that I never did anything wrong and they are coming around treating me as if I'm the criminal and giving me orders.
And it dose make me look bad. I guess it's just persecution in the public’s eyes.

August 17th, 2011
I woke up this morning overhearing a conversation of a few neighbors; talking about what I had to experience last night. I think they were discussing whether it was worth punitive damages (double) or whether it should be triple damages as in anti-trust laws for damaging my image which would make it harder to find investors for my inventions.
   One thing they did agree on was that the two probation officers only put my life in danger. As they saw it, I had just proved the other day that no mater what I've written and no matter what I saw, even a grocery store manger can refuse to believe anything I saw or write. He still thinks I'm a child molester.
    Then if somebody like that store manger had seen the probation officer in the bullet proof vest, they would more likely think the rumors were true, and then even more likely to inflict harm on me.
 Never the less, we are left wondering if that was the whole intention for the change in the probation conditions.
    What gets me is that my old probation officer had told me a few days ago that he was assigned to a different area and that I would be getting a new officer. But they both showed up.
   I happen to think the new (added one,) is some kind of psycho freak. The kind who could deem me unfit to be on the street and could very well have me thrown into jail if I say anything wrong.

The original probation officer said he had checked out my web-sites and told me that it needed some work, but then again he said he just skimmed it. And what more do I need to do with it? Its got the information and all you need is a little common sense. And for the new one, even though they were invading my privacy, and looking inside my cage, he had to ask, "Are you a surfer?' Now how smart is that?

Oh yeah, I gave him a copy of Martin's DVD, but tell me, what good did that do?

Update: now people are saying I should be suing for $450 million.
And and another thing I would like to mention.
My probation officer told me that even a citation for warring no seatbelt is to be considered as a probation violation.
    Well, let me tell you something about my seatbelt. For a long time before I filed a claim against the city, the driver's seat belt had been either rigged or just wore out. It latched and everything, but just one yank on it, the thing would come apart. Therefore, if I was driving around town, I'd just hook it up for looks so that the cops would stop me for it. But, if I go onto the highway, I'd reach across and latch it to the middle seat one. But after I filed the claim, things began to seem a little scary so I went into the leather shop and had the guy modify the good one so that it would fit better on the driver's side. (And yes, I kept the old one as proof.)
    And oh again, after all the numerous court dates and convictions, the courts here in San Luis Obispo, forgot all about the no seat belt citation Martin wrote me up for; Ironic huh?
  And another thing,
  In the court of law, aren't we suppose to be allowed to face our accuser?

I'm still trying to verify that my accuser by the name Fri__, actually exist. I don't know about you but it sure sounds fake to me. And isn't the X where I was written up, outside the city limits of Morro Bay?

Oh,oh oh. I found their tool.
I looked over my conditions of parole and found it.
It says that if I'm contacted by law enforcement, that I'm suppose to contact and inform my probation officer about the incident in writing within 7 days of the incident.
   Funny how the people on the street were already aware of it before I realized it. But as they say, I've been in contact with my probation officer every week and made them aware of each incident (which happens to have been three times.)    But as we all know, every time I've told my probation officer that the whole bit has been written out in my journal entries on my web-site for everyone to know about. (Even recordings.)
     Therefore I don't think I would need a fancy lawyer to beat that rap. However, tonight I'll print out just what I've written and I'll mail a hard copy of to my so called probation officer.    But as we all know, the thought of it actually getting any more than a skim job is very unlikely.
Oh well, off to jail we go..

August 21st, 2011
There is a side effect of having such a site as this: you end up hearing everyone's horror stories about the police in this town. A little up setting to hear about the police brutality with women who just happen to be senior citizens. Of which I've heard there times.
  Then there is the one where they have falsified the audio tracks of the video with others as well.
 But yesterday, pretty much took the cake. This gal had been slipped a ruefy by a neighbour who lives in her apartment complex. She claims she was raped among other things. What up set her was how the Morro bay police treated her. They wouldn't even check her bedding or cloths for the DNA of the guy and they treated her as if she was a criminals.
 From now on, I'll just let these victims speak their piece into my recorder and I'll be posting them because I'll actually brushed off a few testimonials by saying I've heard it all before, and I feel bad for that. (It's not that I don't care, but the way I feel about it is why am I the only one who has done something about it and then people expect me to listen to their experiences after they have done nothing but complain about them.) I wish people would learn how to be proactive instead of a bunch of belly archers.
  So for now on, if you've got something to say about the Morro Bay Police, the Sheriff, or the San Luis Obispo court system, just let me know and I'll let you have your say.

August 30th, 2011
The whole idea of the name Fritz, must have come from Fritz the cat? I had Frits the Cat for a hood ornament once.

Bargantzel must have been stalking me for one reason or another. He crept up quietly, hoping he could just set there until I opened my door for something or another.
      Instead, he heard Sunnyside in there. he must have been having a blast because even the camper was swaying. Apparently, he must have spaced right by what time it was.  Oh. dear, that's disturbing the peace.

  Ask me, who do you think was doing the disturbing.

I call it harassment.
Oh yeah, court tomorrow.

August 30st, 2011
  Wouldn't it have been hilarious if I would have been shot for doing such a thing.
 The judge got pissed off when I was reading the news paper while Bargantzel making his boring statements. She said if it had nothing to do with the case, that I should respect the court and not read it. But as I pointed out to James, Larry Page is the next guy I'd be going after and I would bet it actually does have something to do with these cases. And I really can't find any respect for any court any more.

Aug. 31st, 2011
As (what ever his name is) was telling the court, by which was empty except for me, about how he put the end to my music, I was reading the WSJ about this Google CEO Larry Page. He's under investigation right now and already paid out $500 million to see some of it go away.
 I'll get more on him later.
This morning I had to pass up the best waves in two weeks to go sit in an empty court room with one of Morro Bay's finest. corrected.
(Yeah how is it, I find myself with the only case in a court room? Yeah, I wouldn't want the public to witness crimes being done either if I was a crooked judge.)

September 28th, 2011
  Last night I was chased down by officer Hufstetler of the Morro Bay PD. Soon to be fallowed by another officer, whom I'm not aware of his name but he is one who claims to have been trained by Meathead Martin. (Tall with dark short wavy hair.)
      Anyhow, Hufstetler said that they had received a call stating that I had appeared to be driving drunk. Of course I wanted to know who the accuser was, but just as I told his back up, that ‎Hufstetler wasn't about to find out who or even tell me if he did. Well of course not, all; he could say was that the call was made form the Rite Aid parking lot.
Never the less, anyone who knows me, knows that I very seldom drink and when you are broke as I am, alcohol is the last thing you will find me drinking.
     Of course ‎Hufstetler didn't like me calling them a bunch of criminals and threatened to throw me in jail, which was prompted by frisking me. And no, he didn't feel the need to turn my cage upside-down to find any booze because he would have smelled it on me.
     Basically he said he wanted to talk to me from the get go and it resulted in him trying to get me to say whether I had any enemies.
     Never the less, I would suspect it was Braiden Bodine or his buddy trying to get me into trouble.
     I actually feel this posting isn't really worth posting except for the fact that it just show you just how often I find myself having to deal with cops. It's not like I have to do a thing. I don't hang out with anyone, I don't party with anyone, my life is fairly routine, even the cops know where they can find me most of the time. So why am I in so much trouble with them all the time. There have been a couple time I didn't even post the dealing with them this year, but if we counted all the times, just this year, I'm sure it would take at least two hands to do so, just this year and I didn't even do anything wrong.

January 24th, 2012:
They never learn....

There has been some things going on around here that I've been reluctant to say anything about. The reason being is that I wanted to do a little investigating to see if I could prove any of it. I had some ideas on how to do that but it would take co-operation from other individuals. However, I realize that's not the sure way of doing things since I can't trust anyone. Never the less, I figured out a couple things on my own. For instance:
      My checks to the probation office for November didn't make it there until December and I receive a pink slip stating I was as good as going back to jail.
     I was trying to figure out where it as being taken out of the mail, and I had a couple ideas as to figure that out, but why really?
     Because I didn't get the annual renewal forms for food stamps either in December, so I've been feeding myself this month on pawned money.

Anyhow, we all know that it's a federal crime to take other people's mail and it doesn't take much to realize that it must be someone in the Post Office in Morro bay. So let's and add that person (who I feel I know just who too)to the list of criminals on the government payroll around here.
     Gee, we've got the city attorney, the fire department the police department , the prosecutor’s office, and a judge. Boy the shit is deep around here.
     And let's not forget the few thousand citizens they tricked into being criminals themselves.(slander) Hell we've got thousands of criminals around here. So if any of you out there are criminals and wonder where you can feel right at home, come to Morro Bay, we endorse criminal activity around here. We not only endorse it around here. we support it.

February 3rd, 2012:
Rule 51 ....

On the topic of criminals in the county. Lets add my probation officer. I ironically, I loose my house to Affirmative Action and I end up with Oscar Martinez deciding if I should go to jail or not. Funny thing is he claimed to have problem finding me in the last two weeks. But just as I told him be fore, all you have to do is ask any cop in town and that would tell him and sure enough, just after I got rid of the moron, I could see that he does like to hang out with the local criminals and pretend to be a bully cop.
     Funny thing, I cursed him up down and side ways, and I even got him to admit the local government is nothing but a bunch of criminals. And sure he's going to protect his buddies even though he's got proof of their crimes. Matinez has the phone numbers to the Judge and prosecutors, but do you think he's give them a call?. Hell no. His job is to keep the beds full. The county wants another jail and they use criminals like Oscar Martinez to keep them full.
      One thing I figured out after Marinez said that my phone had been turned off for the last two weeks. It makes sense to me now that it's time to get another phone because they've got this one rigged. The fact is, the only numbers I have received in the last two months are one with a prefix that is not 805. That means nobody local has been able to call me.
     Gee, isn't this nice folks, you don't need to go to collage to learn political science, journalism or communications to learn all this. We we here at MyStupidRules learn it from experience. There isn't any rose colored glasses around here and I tend to think most academics are for people who don't know how to think for themselves. The reality is, no one hands out diplomas for street smarts and common sense.

October 18th, 2012 :
Tourist Attraction

Not only do I rent rooms for Morro Bay, to criminals who solicit harm to others, for profit.
     But I'm also renting rooms for Morro Bay because tourist are showing up to see me get ran over.
     A lot of morals we have now days..
     Folks, this is not the Hunger Games, this is not any movie you are watching.
     I like to be able to look over my shoulder when I'm paddling into a wave and for the last two weeks, that kind of thing is none existent.
     I already have a bad shoulder and a bad foot. How much of a crippled up old surfer do you want to watch?

Reverse engineering: Rule No.88

It was only a few months ago when I got popped for no contractor’s license.
     I've know sting operations existed but for small time guys like me, they had been none existent all my life. But the strangest part about what happened back on March 13th in Shell Beach was that by the time I got back to Morro Bay the rumors of me being busted made it to Morro Bay before I did.
     That whole experience lead me believe they knew who I was before I even arrived.
     Never the less, the second time around you can be sure they would.

Well last night I got a call at 7:10 from this Bob guy about and interior paint job; two bedrooms and a front room. He set a time for a 9:00 am meeting. But then at 7:14 he called back and changed it to 1:00 in the afternoon.
      I knew something was fishy when I wasn't invited into the house and he asked if I had a business card. (People don't normally ask for a business card, but may he was wondering which painter had showed up.) Things were real fishy when I discovered that instead have me look room on the inside of the house, he wanted a price to paint only the fasha board on a horrable looking exterior. (I thought, maybe it's the child molester rumors and he just wanted to get rid of me)
     At first he only wanted the facha board painted. (That would have never amounted to $500.oo., but I don't think he new it. But then if he did, he was trying to keep me under $500.oo)
      Never the less, it wasn't very long before he decided to have the sofits done too. But not the walls?
     After I walked it, I told him I didn't see why he wasn't going to paint the whole thing because it was so dirty you would have to pressure washer it anyway. About the time he asked for it broken down into different bids the idea of him being part of a sting creped into my mind. He was very unconcerned about the workmanship that was to be involved and that's un-normal.
     I didn't even talk any broken down bid, I just told him I'd, rent a pressure washer, patch some stucco, chalk most of the cracks, prime and paint the whole side of the duplex. (Nobody would even want to do only the facha and sofeit because it was such a piece of junk.
     As I looked at the piece of junk, one I would find very difficult to being my mind to want to paint; I said, "You wouldn't want to pay a thousand for it, there just isn't that much there."
     Any how I thought about the five hundred dollar limit; thinking whether I should even mention it to him, but if it wasn't a sting, I didn't want to bring it up.
      So the I gave him a price wasn't really a price at all, but what I could do it for and I actually don't think I even told him I do the job. Anyhow at eight hundred, after the with pressure washer rental, paint and masking materials, there was no way in hell a guy would make $500.oo on it. I gave in something he could write me up for but not win in a courtroom. (He was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me.)
     Bob was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me. Then when BoB decided to go inside to get a copy of the add to get me to put a price on it, I was sure it was a sting.
      I'm sure they were still wondering if they had enough to get me on because he wasn't very fast about it. I was already walking across the street before the guy even came out. With the lady from the last time and her two pigs of course.
     Now after I was already on the road this BoB guy tried to tell me that I said between 800 and 1,000.
     I laughed at him and said that, "oh no, you guys were too obvious." Never the less, they weren't about to let me walk away from the whole seraid .
     Boy what a price you have to pay for wanting to know something.
      Rule 88 - Gee wasn't it just -- two days ago - when I wrote I could smell the trouble heading my way. No doubt I've been doing this crape for a long time.
     And Oh the Sad part about it is that I have to be in the shit hole of a San Luis Obipo Court room on 12-18?. Yeah, so if you want to try run me out of this shit hole town, take it up with the morons within your government that has me here in the first place. Morons, to think I'd just walk away after burning $20 worth of fuel on them a second time.
     Oh yeah, I should mention that this sting operation must have flexible hours, because I know for a fact that they start at 9 a.m..For such county workers doing such a thing, (having the calling a guy me at 7:10 p.m.) must be after hours and pay overtime. Smells a little fishy doesn't it?

Rule No. 8, 44 & 88

Folks, now this could be good. Like I'm left wondering what kind of recording these guys come up with. Because here is the deal. I gave him, "you wouldn't want to pay a thousand."
     A question I have is whether they will edit the recordings like Meathead Martin did. If they do.... Folks, you got it real bad.
     And folks, the recordings they got, while they were writing me up. They were the recording, I'd like to hear in the court room. (The shit I was saying, turns my own skin. It was about an 8.2 on the creepy scale.)
     I wish I could have had a camera just to save the looks on there faces.
     I said, "Damb it! I wish I would have thought to brought my own recorder, what the hell was I thinking?"
     Never the less folks, this whole experience, trying to find out if there was anything to find out about, was and still is a big gamble on my part. I had to play with what I felt were safe boundaries to see if there were any answers to get. If I get found guilty of this charge, I'm pretty sure the judge had mentioned something like a mandatory 6 months time in jail is what I could get a second time around.

Another thing I get a kick out of. These guys in Morro Bay. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
     Yeah, these guys running though town putting down the oil matt. Shit they know they are only making more tonnage for the next time (which should be too long,) that some other guys will be coming along and doing the resurfacing they should have been done in the first place. Yea, the money is in the bank.
     The roads the city had done a couple years ago were only ground down along the curbs and those roads are so crowned now, you can't get out of your car without grinding your car door into the side walk.

October 20th, 2012 :
Get in line.

The two words I been heard the most today were: "set up".
     I'm sure I've wrote that thing before about when you are learning how corruption works, you don't even know you are in a game until it's over, and you've been played. If there is ever an opportunity to suspect a game is being play on to and you let then know you are on to them, the game is over and you never even learned that the game was all about. Over time I learned to sense when there might be a game being played on me and just roll with it.(Boy, most of you would not believe the stories I can tell.)
     I think of the other day, the same way I would think that Meathead Martin was naturally going to retaliate and going to try to incriminate me. But we all know that Martin never put much time in reading. He would never had known that something like that may have happen to me before.
     You take the fact that they can get their community on a holiday picnic ride for a week, and then they reverse their decision, they must have figured out another plan. The reason for the "new plans" had me wondering just what kind of plans they have now; they sure weren't telling anyone.
     You would just have to smell the trouble coming.
     Contractor sting, could be powerful.
     But it should have been done yesterday .

October 21th, 2012 :
You know the rules.

For those of you who are a little slow as why I would walk myself right into a sting operation the second time in a year:
     Like what am I suppose to do? Ask him if he's part of a sting operation? Tell him I think he is? What the hell what would that get you?
     Well ah, I think you may be a little paranoid for me. I don't think I can do business with a crazy man like you. I want to to go. Get off my property.
     I would have waisted $20 in fuel and would have never know for sure if it was and I would never have anything to look into to find out if it was a set-up. (Having the local government make their people go after me.)
      Something tells me that the bitch and her drones didn't want anything to do with me a second time around and that's what I got out of the hole thing. (I didn't think the guy was going to come out of the house. I thought they chickened out.)
     I gave up and walked out to my truck.) Then after they came out, somehow I still couldn't take them seriously, especially when Bob was trying to stretch the 800 into 1,000. I even thought that there was a chance they would still call it all off. But they went though with it.
      If I didn't get myself popped, that would be something I would have never known.
     So sure, I realized by the time I got my ass back in the seat if my truck, that it was a set up from someone higher up, and now the question is: who was the person that sent them after me?

October 22th, 2012 :
Toe for an eye.

I'm not sure of what to make of it, but people on the street have come up with it themselves and I'm only repeating what I hear..
     And was it the same Gerald T. Shea,
the same District Attorney of San Luis Obipso, who sent detective Dale Cullum of the MBPD after me to put words into my mouth?
     Yeah I know, Rule No. 8.

Gerald T Shea District Attorny for San Luis Obispo

     Correct me if I'm wrong folks. Well I guess I got a picture of what creeps look like.

Wouldn't you know, that Morro Bay would get their new cheif from somewhere that was already used to spread phoney child molester rumors. Amy Christey will be officially sworn in as the Morro Bay’s new police chief at the Nov. 13 City Council meeting. Christey will earn $134,839 annually.
      She will oversee a department of 23 full-time and one part-time criminals for hire.
      Christey has more than 20 years' experience with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, where she currently holds the rank of lieutenant.
      "I am extremely impressed with Amy's credentials and believe that we have chosen the very best candidate for our new Chief of Police," said City Manager Andrea Lueker.
     I don't think credentials has anything to do with it, because it was either one thing or another. They were either looking for another criminal, or that there wasn't any applicants that weren't criminals, because you know the reputation of Morro Bay. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with such criminals? You would have to be moron if you weren't a criminal.

November 2nd, 2012 :
Hiring an experienced criminal

Since Morro Bay is about to get a new chief of police, I thought I'd jump ahead a bit with the book excerpts. At the Nov. 13 City Council meeting, Amy Christey will be officially sworn in as the Morro Bay’s new police chief and will earn $134,839 annually. For those of you who have already read Malibu goes to the Funny Farm will be happy to know the the fallowing chapter Santa Cruz is now posted. I will post the second half which is actually a sub-chapter called The Notice from Great Britain in two or three days.

Amy Christey cheif of morro bay police

       Let me guess. Amy Christey just happens to be experienced in in the corruption game of spreading phoney child molester rumors.
Check out October 22nd, 2012: Toe for an eye.

December 8th, 2012 :
Stupid Rule Number 8

Boy have I got one for you.
     Just the kind of thing that can go down right in front of the media and and Louis Caps (Congress).
     Sure you are not going to see it on the news, but you can hear it all right here at Mystupidrules. Got a recording and pictures to prove it all went down.

Yeah, a good day. However, there are a few parts I've been wanting to get into primer, but sometime soon I'll resize the pictures and get it all together.
     It was funny. Just like Axil Fowly would do. Can you believe I wasn't even going to walk over there because of all the criminals.

December 10th, 2012 :
Kill, kill, kill.

Funny how an American inventor can have the United States Government put his life in danger, use his invention to kill people when the intention for his inventions was to help people everyday at work, rescue, as well as military defence. But instead, we've got the inventor only hoping for a war so he himself can get a little freedom..
     But at the same time, the American public can make a millionaire out of a guy who would get on a stage and chant out to kill Americans..
     It has always been obvious to me the the whole Gunmans style dance was created to mawk the American Cowboy culture and the Koran's themselves fell for it as entertainment, (and I can understand that, but when the Americans fall for it that just shows how stupid Americans are.)
     But not me. I may not see things very well at times, but when I do see something, I know what it is.

By the way: Tell me who this guy is. My Crim-a-dar went off big time when I saw this guy..

bad guy in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay

When you get a coo, coo train going, you can often find something interesting tagging along. One moment I had a little girl and the next thing, I've got some piglets along with this guy. (It all looked Affirmative Action too me.) He seems to be of interest to these others as well don't you think?

Criminal firemen and police in morro bay

nasy looking Cop in need of sun screen

Two words:

Sun Screen

I'll probably throw a new book excerpt at you all before I get to posting my ribbon cutting ceremony with Louis Caps. Boy she was good. Much more experienced at it than say,- Bill Black, who probably didn't think he would need a diaper so early in the day. Louis seemed to be a little slow and just this side of being coherent; I'm guessing she is smoothed over with some pain medications.

Louis Caps well medicated

And on these two Australian Radio hosts: I'm not one to be able to tell you what kind of law they have for being right or wrong. But I feel above all, the right thing for the radio station to do is pay for the funeral cost and then take it out of the pay of the disk jockies.
     But then you have to realize that the station approved to publish the recordings and I hope there is some kind of stiff law to teach the station a lesson.

December 13th, 2012 :

As far as the recording goes, there is only a short period at the beginning that is worth listening to. Within a few minute into it there was a photo op at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the fire department. I planted myself right behind the media's photographer and took the same pictures as them with Louis Caps and all.
     I quietly said a few words as I looked around for some kind of intervention, but instead, everything went quite and my words at conversation volume projected quite clearly as I made fun of the fact that everyone can be fooled sometime and I did put that getting dumber by the day and too stupid to do anything about it at the end of my pitch.
     Sorry I'd forgot to take the rubber cover off my MP3 player; hence it kinda screws up the fidelity of it and being inside my pocket didn't help it much, but you can still hear things pretty well.
     After the ribbon ceremony, I took the opportunity to get right in front of Louis Caps to take a few and see how well she could hold here crap.I realized that there would be a steady flow of stand in people working together with her security, to make sure she would always being the middle of a conversation, or called away from one if she found herself in one with a person like me.
     So I split because I had better thing to do than hang out with a bunch of crooks.
     And one thing I would like to mention.One of the things that actually drew me to the even was to see if there was anyone I knew or had been associated with actually hanging out with and supporting the criminals. Thank God there wasn't any.
      As I walked away from the event, you can hear me walk away with a limp from my sprained toe.
      But then I couldn't understand why I could let such a landmark making opportunity go astray. So I turned my ass around and went back to see how much of a disturbance I could get way.
      It was kinna neat the way the marching band stopped playing as I approached Louis as she was waiting in line for a hot dog or something.
      I began to ask Louis Caps about my missile launcher. But right off the bat, Louis caps body guard handed me his card and told me to give him a call. That's when I went into Axil Fowley mode and stated that it was and answering machine.
     From that point I just got into a pitch about wanting my cut for the missile launchers they are using to kill people with. You could tell they we expecting something to go down as the sea of blue uniforms moved it. To say the least, it appear as though Affirmative Action was alive and well. I spoke about them tapering with the steering on my truck and as I backed away, I had a line of what I called a bunch of criminals, I was parading along in front of all the bystanders. At one point a little girl thought to jion in with the little train I had going on. I turned around and she was under my feet and you should have seen the look at those bitches who want to be heroes. They acted as if I was trying to assault the little girl. That even got me laughing.
      Then at the end, as I had a train behind me, I patted myself on the ass so they would know that they should be fallowing me and the band began to play again.
     As I pulled the train of criminals along, I heard one someone try to imply that I was crazy, just as one could have expected, but I laughed because, I thought I was just having a blast. Making fools out of them.
      As I was making my exit and right before the band began to play again. there was a lady who said, "he's right."
      Then after I had thought I'd made the exit all clear and I'd thought I'd lost my tail of criminal firemen, I picked up a tail of Morro Bay's Affirmative Action Police Department out front of the building.
     At first, that stupid Detective Cullum dude got in my face and told me that I had disappointed all of them. I don't think I need to repeat what I said about what I think of that issue. Anyway as I turned away from the creep I realized that I was also facing the new captain with all her gold strips on her uniform. She was in my face too. I was being stalked by the police department as I made my way to the side walk. That's when I decide that it was a good time to snap off a few pictures to show people what police harassment looks like. But there in the mix, I saw what surprised me. Lousis Cap's thug had found himself out front with out Louis and he was tailing me also. There has to be something to that made up title of District representative. (And no, I haven't called him yet. I think I know what the drill is there.)
     Anyway, the recording is about twenty minutes, so except for the little photo op thing at the beginning, you might as well jump to the second half. I don't know how to edit yet, and I don't have time for that right now so, you'll just have to have some patents and just live with it.

Oh yeah, many people noticed that Louis Caps could not even look at me.
      I only wish I would have been drunk or something.

May 13th, 2013 :
Dear Oscar

Hi, Oscar
      That whole idea of me even affording to go back to Morro Bay wasn't about to work.
      I finally got enough transmission fluid together (1 1/2 gallons) with a new pan gasket and filter to replace the one that Louis Capps had someone do a number on.
      It lasted about 10 hours before I woke to a puddle of oil.

And can you believe this: even though I figure one out of the four phone calls I received from Nationwide Insurance company was just an impostor. It was the fourth one that gets me the most. Get this, they just wanted to inform me that the phone call would be recorded and that the purpose of the call was just to find out of the whole claim process was a satisfactory experience.
      I said that it would be satisfactory to me if I would see on the evening news that Louis Capps just got busted for insurance fraud.
     . I'm going to be a little upset when I discover my insurance rates are going to go up. But then again, don't you think that is just what Louis Capps had in mind?
      If they would only arrest her and keep her in prison where she belongs then the possibility of keeping six tires on my truck becomes a possibility.
      All Nationwide Insurance had to do was subpoena the phone records that will prove it all, but now it looks as though they left all that work and expense on me. Never the less, it's good to know that it is there and I'm left wondering just how cooperative the system is. One thing I'm willing to bet on is that the justice system you have there isn't about to let that happen.
      Something like dae jaw voo.

Get this, would have had a car thieve last knight. Had him red handed with his finger on the starter button. With out a gun for myself, I had to let him go. After at least a decade of not actually locking my truck, or even having to use a key to start it; I now have to lock the steering wheel with a cable and lock because some guys like him are not afraid of getting busted.
      I end up finding my life in danger with no ability to do anything about it because the law enforcement took away the ability of defending my property as well as myself.

Any how, it's probably best it you get in contact with someone at North San Diego County Probation Office 325 S. Melrose Dr., Suite 2600 Vista, CA 92083 (760) 806-2333 Give them my phone Number or even better yet my Email address,
      I can go see them in Vista and or just as well as
      I can send them a map of where I can be found each day.
      I have to go back to Morro Bay to get my things if I don't just loose them al together. I'm certainly not about to subject myself to listening to the word tomorrow every day, day in and day out over and over.
      Besides, with guys like Mark martin on the Police force, that would only be putting my like in more danger.

Something so Ironic, it was laughable. The fact the president Obama can summons a bunch of cops from all over the states, to show up at the White House and receive some kind of metals or award of some kind.
     Goes to show you how little power they have at stopping the criminals when they will fly across the country to receive awards from a criminal who has gotten away with more than enough to be impeached. (And most people would be thrown in prison for doing the same.)

May 14th, 2013 :
Freedom in the USA

Dennis I cant transfer your case to San Diego as you are living in your truck and are considered transient. You are not a resident there and do not have a permanent address. I think I have been more than fare with you and given you many opportunities to return, You have until Thursday 5/16/13 @ 3:00PM to report to Probation. Should you fail to report and return I will be requesting a warrant for your arrest. Hope to see you on Thursday.
      Oscar Martinez
      Deputy Probation Officer
      SLO Probation Department

June 5th, 2013 :
Salt in the wound.

But in the real world, it suppose to be called Punitive Damages.
     Now, hear I sit. Cool water and blown out shit to look at. Don't see no bikinis, nor anything else interesting enough to make me get out my bike to go check things out for awhile. Hear there is nothing to check out because this town was made into criminals just for me. And now they got me roped into it and the only other way out of the shit hole is to go to jail.
     In Oceanside, I probably surf five days a week on average. Here in Morro Bay, you're lucky to average two. That means I've got noting else to do but to sit here and rot in this cage. I don't really want to go anywhere, because everywhere I go there

are people who spread child molester rumors. Believe me when I say that they are still doing it too. A city of ten thousand has been housing, aiding and profiting from the very people who showed up here only to use them all as a social experiment to see if they would produce criminal acts.
     I wonder how many Steven Speilberg tickets they have bought in a life time? I wonder if they actually understand or realize the significance of how much of every dollar they give to the government is used up as defense funding. (You'd think- gee I don't think anyone wants to kill us that bad.)
     Anyhow, it's just shocking to me that these folks can just live with the fact that they were used as criminals on such a grand scale and it goes all the way to the White House and there is just nothing you can do from it except move away. (Yeah, that is exactly what their criminal justice system won't let me do.) I'm in a trap with folks who were all roped into such a shameful thing as being a guinypig for criminals at work.

June 20th, 2013 :
Meathead Martin is MUD.

I can't say for sure, but I think there is a good possibility that I was snitched off just before I was going to upload the June 17th entry and ten hours before I was about to turn myself into the court.
     I've just spent the last few days in jail, got stuck with a $430 towing bill and has to pay Atascadero Police $60 for the release, (which happens to be $100 less than what Morro Bay charges.
     Not only that, but I have to go back and serve another 11 days in jail.

However there is some good news in there for many of us. I myself confirmed what someone else just told me last week. Or at least I should say, I heard a conversation between a prosecutor attorney and a public defender say what someone else heard a judge and an attorney say about Martin. The other guy heard that Martin is going to get the axe this year and I think I heard he is going to get lock up for at least a year.
     Well if that isn't good news.

Paying for crimes of others, bill from San Luis Obipo

So you can't fight City Hall:
Nor criminals with a badge for that matter.

June 2nd, 2017:
You can pay for crimes committed by cops if you try to do something about stopping them.
After four years I got a surprise in the mail today
       Need I say that the things the lawyer said, was a lie? That sitting in jail for 20 days, (after about ten prior,) would get me out from underneath all of their crap and let me leave their lousy county four years ago.
       Gee, I filled out a special application and even had a special meeting to get a free court appointed attorney. (A crooked one to say the least.)
       I thought I paid them enough money and the towing bills was something I couldn't do anything else about but pay Needless to say, they must have thought I didn't pay them enough for having their cop spread phoney rumors and tampering with the dash cam video.

Get this
The $700 one is for the court fees I was told sitting in jail was getting me out of.
       And the Lawyer decided to bill me three times $235.oo
       I wonder how much it all come from the fact that I still have the MorroBayNews web-site up and running and it is the source of a good portion of my visitors.
       I just don't get where their heads are at. But what else are you suppose to expect from criminal activity within the government.
       Ah, it's twenty years later and you all are still breeding stupid people and you can't tell me that you don't know how.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA


But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

August 3rd, 2011:
One thing Meathead Martin didn't find under my seat

Yes folks, I kept throwing it back into my truck over the years because I figured that his name my just come in handy someday.

The full version
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Burning Down the House


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