Jailed by Martin

Yes folks, we've got another chapter in the great American way to write. Be patient with the writing because my first drafts are going to be a little ruff and I'll be going back during the rewrites to fill in the gaps.


However, the arrest went down and I found myself in back of a squad car sitting in the sunshine with the windows and the heater turned on. It was at least a hundred degrees inside while I watched Martin search through my things in my camper. Sure it felt like an invasion of privacy by the guy you would like the least to be doing it. It was like the a______ was getting to do what he was wanting to do ever since he first met me two years ago.

But my concern was that I didn't want to be left empty handed as I was in Carlsbad a few years ago when a bully with a badge accused me of being on drugs the morning I was heading over to my bosses house to pick up his truck.

     However, before I was hauled off, I asked Martin's buddy they could find my wallet and phone so I could contact my father. I didn't know where my wallet was, but I told him my phone was on my night stand. It didn't matter because Martin just wanted to screw me over anyway and the wallet was about all he was going to find because he knew what the towing bill would cost me if I couldn't tell contact anyone to get it out while I sat in jail. The reason why I say this is that I have four phones, all with the batteries charged, only for the numbers for the names from the years past, even if I had only one operating on a working service. At least any of them would get me the numbers I would need to dial collect from jail.
     I saw Martin open all three of the top drawers where my old phones where located and looked right in them so he would have to be blind not to see at least one of them. Plus, the working phone I ask was right where I told them it was, on the night stand. (Yes, even when I got my truck back it was still there.) 
     Although I was in the back up officer's car, Martin took me to the back of the police station, because he had to look up some of the charge in a book that was inside the station. If there was a time to exscape, that would have been the time because Martin had left the window down while he went inside. When he came outside with the book and filled out his forms on the hood (bonnet,) of the squad car, I couldn't help but notice Martin has raped his arms in Tattos that would rivel any prisoners, however the thick grenish bands stop just at the point where his short sleves stop.

Martins buddy filled out the property/evidence report which was listing a knife I had found on the beach and it made its way to the junk pile under my seat. However, if they wanted a weapon, they should not have forgot to mention the utility knife on the ledge just over my left shoulder behind the drivers seat. Let alone not forget to mention the electric circuit checker that is more or less an ice pick that was sitting in the center console. Hell the screw driver next to it is something that many cops have arrested people for, considering it as a weapon.

While I was being transported to the jail by Martin's buddy, I began to tell him about the problem of how the stop the phony rumors. I was talking as if there was no way to stop them, because it's the same problem finding a lawyer as it is finding investors for my inventions as it is finding a lawyer to sue the City of Moro Bay. The lawyers will just get bought off, bribed or threatened. Just like the Ernst and Madison firm that has commercials up to ying yang now. And as soon as I started to talk about the time when Martin told kids in the school that I was child molester, he reached over and turned off the recorder he had running.
     Then he said that he had never heard anything about the rumors, but then I asked: "Aren't you the guy who checked out the recording of the assault from the fireman in the Alertson's parking lot?"
      "Yes," he said.
       "Then you are a liar," I said, "I told to the whole story I just posted on my web-site recently, about how and when the rumor originated. Hell, you are nothing but a liar."

Once we arrived at the Jail, Martin's buddy was laughing and making fun of my arrest to the other correction officers. I thought for being accused of such a serious crime, one would be a little more serious about the matter.

It wasn't long before the guards were acting as I was some kind of threat to them and made sure I knew they were willing to ruff me up, so I said, "What do you think? I'm stupid or something, I'm not about be any kind threat to any of you." Just as I've done with any cop as well as the first time I meet Martin, when they start to act as if I'm some kind of threat to them, I say, "Don't pay attention to anything you've heard, I'm an open book and you can find out all about me by just Googleing my name. You will find out that I am an inventor and I do own patents. So you can bet I've sacrificed and dedicated my life to my inventions and I'm not about to do any criminal act or hurt anyone in any way because that would ruin my creditability. I expect people to want to invest millions and billions in me and I'm not about to ruin my own creditability over someone or any bully cop that comes along that matter. I can police myself."

Once fingerprinted, they handed me a paper stating the charges and the bail was set at $50,000.00. They asked me if I was going to bail or get into to some oranges. Shit, like my family has $5,000.00 to burn for a few days of freedom.
      It was Wednesday morning  and I was told arraignment would probably happen Friday so I was in for at least three days.
        I found myself in a room by myself, locked down and wondering if the cell block had been let out into the commons area that day yet or not. To my surprise the next day we in 100 block were not let out at all. I thought it was strange, when I could see that the prisoners in the other cell blocks appeared to be in their commons area most of the day.
       Strange as it was, I had guards bringing others by my door to have a look at the guy who was the national security matter. After the second or third time I thought I heard it, I figured I wasn't just imagining it because the prisoners next to me had overheard them too.
         Friday came around and during the trip to the court, I discovered a plumber I'd met on the outside. I told him about Martin, but my mistake was even mentioning the child molester rumor bit. Not the kind of thing to do, but the plumber helped me out and backed me because he knew about my truck and convinced them I was ok.
         Once in court, I studied the judge. He seemed to take the job as routine and wasn't on some kind of power trip as I'd seen before with others.
        When the prosecutor spoke, the statements Martin wrote out sounded bad. Martin apparently even spent some time on my web-site prior to know about the fact that I was kicked out of Miners and Albertson's. Sure he didn't say that the cops were never called on it or the fact that I was just kicked out for doing what politicians do, flash art work at security cameras, in order to receive money for selling the use of copyrighted, or trademarked images the security forces that fallow them.
      However, I read and heard what the judge did and it sounded bad from their point of view. I learned that the maximum term for such a charge is three years and I had to agree with the judge when he said that he couldn't just let me out until he was sure that the arresting officer would be safe from me. One thing the judge said that I have to agree with, but probubly in a diferent way is: "It sounds like he pulled over the wrong guy."
     I couln't agree more.
     I noticed Martin even wrote out what I had accused him of spreading child molester rumors, which I was surprised about because if I were him I wouldn't even turned in that recording or even mentioned it, because in cross examination questioning, he's going to have to answer to that one, because there is something that made me go insane at the time and someone doing such a thing to some one can certainly make a person go over the edge and say the things as I did.
     When the prosecuting attorney mentioned that he felt I may have a mental illness or needed anger management, I saw the shrink heading my way or having to pay for some kind of anger management course down the line.
       But as you may have guessed, the judge wasn't about to let me out and I found myself sitting in a holding area along with a guy who had just got out after serving ten years and was looking at another 15 -25. He was a big guy and the last thing I should have done is mention to a couple others I'd met on the out side because of inquiries of my truck, about Martin and his phony rumors, because the big guy definitely didn't want to even here the words child molester. Same goes for the others but you have to realize, they just want someone else to be the bad guy if you know what I mean. Regardless, it was reckless of me even saying such a thing in a cage with these guys and getting in a bus with them and only a driver on the outside.
      But them again, the prosecuting attorney used the words too, so.....

For the next twenty four hours, I felt ashamed. I realized I'd let myself fall pray to a bully cop. Just the thing I'd avoided over the years, time and time again. I began to look at it from the other perspective and think about the chance that the PA was right and I do need some anger management. Thinking about it and how my own passion gets caught up in frustration and the anger comes out in some of the conversations I get into some times. It's kinna the reason I'll only let myself to pitch my story once in a day. I realized I've been learning to walk away from conversations when I start to get heated. It's something I've been working on over the past couple years because I realize that raising my voice isn't going to make people care. Now days when I get heated, I usually just say, "you don't want to know," and turn my back to them and walk away. However this thing with Martin, I couldn't just walk away. He had me there and he wanted me to threaten him. His goal was to incriminate me and make me out to be the bad guy.

The next day, I took a look at it from the proper prospective. I decided not to beat myself up over the whole deal and realized that they were just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill and I couldn't blame myself for loosing my cool when I got pulled over. Martin was actually lucky I'm a harmless person how is watched everywhere I go and couldn't get away with doing any harm if I wanted to. I imagine if he did such a thing to the wrong guy, he wouldn't know what hit him. So a few angry words is absolutly nothing to haggle about. He should have just wrote out the ticket and left no matter what I said.

However, I have taken the measure and checked out a book on anger management and I've got another text book type on the way. The funny thing is the first two chapters are actually to determine if one even has a anger management problem. And after reading the first two I realized that leaving Washington was the best thing I could have done. Reason being is up there, I never had fun. It was all bad memories and I was suffering from consent annoyances that created anger.

Now that I've read farther into the book, I do understand what it takes to control ones temper. That's the key. I'll let you know more later.

One thing I did learn during the first trip to the court house; is the reasoning for the different colored ID wristbands. Having a Blue one such as the one I was given means that you are no threat and can be mixed in with the general population. But the reasoning for the placement of being in one of the two lock down areas was the question. (100 & 600)
     The only time a blue band guy gets put in lock down is if they come in under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But I was still only let out every other day for a shower and I had no luck at anyone finding me my father's phone number.
     When a guard came by my cell Saturday afternoon, I asked, "What's the reason for me still being in lock down when I have a blue wristband and it's my four day? Is it because I'm a national security matter?"
      "That would be a good reason," he replied.

While sitting in my cell, I made up a sign and posted it on my door.
I heard about someone getting a call.

For some reason I either missed a day or miss counted, but I receive a call from the probation office on what I thought was Sunday, but it was actually Monday. He asked for my address for where I lived and the location of where I worked. Well if you can imagine, I had nether actually. He also asked how long I lived here and where I had lived before and how long.
      The next morning I was woke to the notification that I had a court appearance that day. To my surprise, they sure wasn't about to stick me in a bus with a murder again, with all the child molester words being spoken. They brought in a gal who originally had the day off and had her drive me to the courthouse with no one else in the cage with me. I told her about my experience of having a whole court room to myself in my past, back in Tacoma.

 Well it's Nov. 30th and the morning of my third court date. Sorry I didn't get around to writing about the rest of the time I spent in jail yet or the interesting trip to the court house inside and empty van with the driver who was called in from her day off to take me there. But thinks for being here. It's nice to know I have an audience the spans from Hollywood to the federal government. It's kind of scary, but at least I'm not alone as I was in Tacoma or even Carlsbad for that mater. Again, thanks for being here.

December 13th, 2010
     I'm glade I checked my court date tonight because I thought it was the 16th and I was waiting for my court appointed lawyer to call me so we could listen to the two recordings. Shit - I would have ended up with a warrant. It appears that the court date is tomorrow morning
December 14th, at 8:30. Good thing I really don't need to listen to the recording because I'm pretty sure I know what is on it. I had actually decided to write out the dialogue just to show people how honest I am and prove it by posting a recording of it later. But then again I just heard from one guy the other night about how MBPD erased his recording. So....

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

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