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Heather the Escort
Gets the Silver Bullet Award:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44 & 86

            Silver Bullet Award at

July 27th, 2015:
     She's bad ass,
     She kept her head together,
and shot the serial killer with his own gun.
      She's nothing short of being a hero.

Silver Bullet Award at

Silver Bullet Award:
To those guys in Tunisia
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 44

June 28, 2015:
Some ISIS brain washed moron thought he would shoot up a beach resort.
One dead body next to a machine gun:
       Is all we need to see.
       They showed all those evil wanna bees just hole long their fifteen minutes of fame can be.
       The art of it all is just how short it can be cut with some guy who have a Good Shot!
       Don't think there will be too many Copy Copy cats lining up to pull off the same thing there ever again .
       A perfect example of how much money is saved when the Silver Bullet Award is hand over. So much expenses have been save on Judges, lawyers and Jail Cells, we could actually Gold Plate the Award, but we like to think a Silver on is better at fighting evil for some reason so we will keep it that way. The you don't fix it if it isn't broken. (Gotta come up with rule number for that.)

And an Update: 6-29-15 with more Silver Bullets:
       We all here at are damn proud of you. You guys make the so many of the rest look like a bunch of fools.
       Hell, they shot him dead and rounding up a bunch of his comrades.
       If some folks deserve a bunch of brownie points on their score card with God, -well you guys deserve some Double Brownie Deluxe Points.

Silver Bullet Award:
To Police Officer in Texas
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 44

May 13th, 2015:
We here a MSR Apologize for being backlogged
Sorry for taking so long to get around to certain topics, and the lack of time I've put into research on them as well.
       Like I'd like to extend the Police Officer's fifteen minutes of fame today, even if it is a little late and with the lack of inter-net, I don't even have his name.
       Anyhow, he's the one in Texas, I guess, and he shot two or three terrorist with his side arm.
       As you may know already, we here at MSR need come up with something other than say GOOD SHOT!

So with that, we like to say that it's a good thing when an Officer of the law know when to pull the trigger, but also know how to do it well. (Probably saved the tax payers a shit load of money too.)
       Anyhow, We here at will be posting a new feature in a side-bar or maybe even a whole web-page dedicated to the list of Silver Bullet Award recipients.
       Nothing much comes with the Award but our thanks. None the less, I hope the recipients will be proud of it and I hope it will be something worth bookmarking,
-if you happen to be the recipient.

Two men down in Mississippi:
May 11th , 2015:
Thoughts, prayers and sorrow.
And I would like to mention that their are many of us who have thoughts and prayers for the families of the two Officers who were gunned down during a routine traffic stop in Mississippi.
       One can only wonder how much a preacher put on TV by the media had to do with it.
       I wish you would realize just how dangerous a cop's job is, -and someone has to do it. Going around shotting them only detours good guys from taking up the job. And scaring off the good guys is only shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to eliminating crime on both sides of the badge.

Oh get this: George Zimmerman got shot in the face over a traffic conflict. Too bad it was only minor.
       But it does show you what Karman is all about.

Pat that guy on the back
July 4th, 2014:

The officer who pushed the guy in a wheel chair over for running over his foot. I would have done the same thing.
       I just hope his 30 suspension was paid, because he could have gotten his little toe broken with those heavy batteries on board.

"If all printers were determined not to print anything
till they were sure it would offend nobody,
there would be very little printed."
                -- Benjamin Franklin,  1730



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And these tasers the Cops are Using

I think they take it too damn lightly to use such a device.

I think it is Brutal and Used with disregard for the bodily damage that can result for the use of them:
       Last weekend I Saw first hand of a guy with the probe marks still shown plain as day on his chest and leg.

       One calf ended up smaller than the other and his breast look the difference in size similar to the difference of an A or B cup bras used by women.
       The prob stuck in his left breast and destroyed so much of his nerves, that the mussel tissue in his breast, shoulder and upper bicep was diminished by about 50%.
       What they did to that poor man would have destroyed me as a surfer .
       And the other day, I met up with this Mr. Hoover cop at my door, pointing one at me.

I think it is Chicken Shit,
-that a Hoover even thinks they needs something like one of those on me. (And it isn't like he didn't know who I was before hand.)

The simple way to bring someone to order:
--is to do it the old fashion way.

       All you have to do is take a night stick and smack the person in the hands with a knight stick with no more force than enough force to cause pain, and they won't even be able to grab or punch anything.
       You don't need to go braking peoples hands either because a can of pepper spray would probably put them out of commission just as much.
       I don't think anyone deserves, everlasting bodily damage from anyone even if it is a cop, and those tasers are the last things that should be used.
       After seeing what it did to that guy last week end, -those tasers just scare the hell out of me, -I'd rather have them shoot me in the leg with a gun.

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