First Responders

Oceanside Lifeguard Guilty of Slander on Aug.2.14

A good example of what a criminal looks like

Oceanside Lieutenant Fireman/lifeguard put hundreds of people's life in danger.
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 51 & 86
August 10, 2014:

I guess you could say that Oceanside has a lot more in common with Morro bay than you may imagine.
       Just as I told the cops that it wasn't by chance that the fireman picked on me and that it just had to be more of a coincidence that it may have seemed to be.
       Just as I can assume the coincidence of me finding the bolt that hold the coupling on the steering shaft on my truck was backed off, creating some slop of which I noticed Friday. (Something that the firemen in Morro Bay bragged about.)
       But them again, isn't it a coincidence that I found two loose bolts on the links holding my trucks front suspension. And it that isn't enough, how about the that that I also found that the bolt holding the track bar that hold my suspension together was backed out at least a quarter inch and about read to let go. The ready neat part about the discovering the three loosened suspension bolts was that I discovered them after I had driven down the highway on my way to Vista yesterday. Which of course would be turning my 12,000 truck into a projectile that could have easily killed a few others more likely than myself. (Kinda like taking down an entire airplane, just to get on guy.)

Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander
Rule Numbers-12, 66 & 86
August 4th, 2014

Gee, how much more can you all be off?
       Yeah right, last time I didn't even make it to the point of filing any court papers. (I had only filed a claim, and without the video of Martin, I had no evidence. And look what that got me. It cost me four trips to jail, over $3,000.oo in expenses, I got a felony record out of it and I had to go sit in jail for 20 days, just to be able to leave the corrupt county of San Luis Obispo.)
       And now I've got the same thing going on here in Oceanside and everyone involved just condones it. Every lifeguard must have know who was spreading the rumours, yet they just let it go on and they think it's funny.
       All I can say is that my best most likely bet would be that all those training videos the police and fire department get are made with subliminal messages within them.
       I wouldn't doubt Speilberg owns the production companies that produced them. The reason I say thins is because he would most like be be hind it all and having the same voices used in narration as the one for the subliminal messages is pretty mush a must have if you don't want people to notice the extra voice tracks.
       The the next move would also be setting up bugs within all their phones and computers so that they would never connect to my web-site, but to phoney one that only look similar.

Tazainian Devil  fireman

Fire Department Lieutenant in Oceanside
put a price on a wave and
put my life in danger.
Rule Numbers 4, 20, 66 & 86
August 2nd, 2014:

I wouldn't doubt he would tell you that I'm a child molester too. There just has to be a reason that this Lieutenant Lockincock of the Oceanside Lifeguard Division wouldn't let up.
       There has to be a reason because I'm sure there are plenty of you who saw another guy surfing in the contest area and I don't even think I even caught a wave there. All I did was use the rip to get out and drifted down.
       Never the less, this moron Lieutenant Lockincock wouldn't let up until he got me a citation.

Then to top it all off, not even the big time pro surf contest take over both sides of the pier, that is during mid morning then by afternoon, they had the cops closing it down all the way to the jetty for those lousy longboarders. My God, it's like a festival for musicians with no sense of rhythm and they were able to come and take over the place, with the law enforcement agencies supporting their occupation. Wonder why their tax dollars mean more than the rest of ours?

Rule Numbers 8 & 88
Couldn't it be, I made the right call?
       Damn I couldn't be so lucky to get a name and a face out of a ticket. Makes it worth every cent and well worth the trouble.
       Can you even believe it? With me,the person who so many of them call a tourist attraction!?
       Gotta a web-site and truck that is no less than a rolling billboard.
       Well. it's like Rule Number 8 and the shit just falls into my hand.

Honest; the last thing I said to the cops as they walked away was, "you can tell a person that someone is a suspected child molester and they will forget all about the suspected part."
       This Lieutenant Lockincock guy just seemed to be taking it as personal vengeance and wanting to scrape up any authority of his to make sure that I would pay for not kissing up to his orders. A fireman no less.
       (Did I ever write about the life guards in Ventura? They were freaking out and wasting their time panicking honking their horns because the waves were big and pushing me towards the pier. It got pretty old after a half hour of it. When I did get close to the pier, I simply shot through it during a low.)
       Anyhow, my experience today is what I would call fishing by the seat of my pants.
       But then again, there is a bit of that Rule 88 that comes into play.
       (Did I ever write about the time a friend in Australia got annoyed by lifeguards? He said they had the sirens going off and I think he said they even got the helicopters out after them.
       He said,"Ah, it was only a hammerhead and the waves were too good to go in.")
       Oh and if you ever see me drowning. Please do not call anyone to help. I'd rather die in peace.


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First Responders

If you ever see me drowning.
Please do not call anyone to help.
I'd rather die in peace.


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