Police Reports, Court Documents and Video Sound

Police Reports, Court Documents and Video Sound

January 1st, 2011
     It's a new year. A better one I hope. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering where society is going.
     But me, it's the Martin thing. Boy I sure hope he's doing well.




April 7th, 2011:
Well there just may be some bad news that may be just as well as some good news to many around here. I happen to think it's bad, but it sure has put a smile on many faces today. I'm not going to say anything yet, until I confirm
    Never the less, I uploaded a couple more images of what Martin had to say in the courtroom. (Most of which is just a bunch of bull. Anyhow, this
Slo Court Page No. for those kids who apparently recorded Martin saying differently.
    And this short clipped page is something I just think is funny. Like the Judge thought I had a puzzled look on my face, but hey, don't bully cops search you any time they want?
Slo Court Page 20-short.
    I'm posting Slo Court Page Number 8 just for the fun of it, because it just shows just how much Martin is full of shit and I happen to think it is just a little entertaining.
 Eventually I'll post more, but I just want you to think there may be something I'm reluctant to provide, so you'll keep coming back.
     Another thing I would like to mention. Thanks to Hannable, the Internet is full of information about the Morro Bay Police. Like the fact that Bill Black is a volunteer police officer. Bill Black just happens to be a contractor who kicked me off his job site and told my ex-coworkers that I'm a child molester. I'd say we sure have something here folks.
  I've got a photo of master salesman/volinteer Bill Black for you too.


April 8th, 2011:
I got a kick out of this quote from Meathead Martins I found on one of MBPD's web-pages: "I like the mental and physical demands of enforcing the law and out-tricking the criminals at their own game."
     The web-page featuring the meathead is at:




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Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

July 18th, 2011
I received the bill for the amount I must hand over to support the terrorist in the San Luis Obispo County.
To think I have dished out about $2,000.oo for the effort to stop phoney child molester rumours.
Anyhow, I received the bill Judge Trice put together for me.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than moleseting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

The last time I had a landline was in Van Nuys, CA. I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Castic lake CA, Lakewood, Washington.

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.




January 29th, 2011: I heard Moonahan quit the Morro bay Police Department.

July 26, '08: It looks as though Morro Bay is about to lose a good cop. Cpl. Robert Root has applied for a position with the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control agency .

MB current Officer of the Year,
Tyler Brooks is trying to get a job in his home town of Santa Maria




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