The Original Claim

What would House do?

House, what would you do if you wanted to know the date of the time something went down several months ago. But they got every idiot around trying to keep it a secret from you.
     If you asked someone, you wouldn't know if they were lying now would you?
     The only hint is that the word on the street says it's only a few days away from 6 month mark.
        Don't we think the logical way to uncover the truth would be by trying to get the truth out of the very one who you know would only denie even knowing anything about it in the first place?  

 No one said a week away either. And you've got the 6 month deadline right?
( Sorry but you've got to be in the loop to know what I'm writing about.)

Here's the deal:
We'd go in before the 6 month deadline an fill out the form and write down the day of the incident as equal to being about a week off, because criminal minds will look for some kind a stupid mistake and they will blab about it.

So we go in on the third and write down the 10th of Febuary because we can write down any date as long as it's within the 6 month period. (So the lawyer said.)

Check out: Document Aug. 3rd Claim.

Claim against the city of Morro Bay and Police Department.

Guess what, you've got everyone in town knowing that you've made a silly goof and they say you didn't ask for enough. Golly gee, you've got a couple days to do it again. 
Aug. 4,'10

Today the fourth, I heard more Marty Boy's than I would want to think about. Gee, what was it with the guy. Is he a moron or what. Hell, he told meI should be taken to a mental hospital and it appears as he should have been the one going. I told everyone he was a loaded gun and he would eventually go off shoot someone in the ass.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy and I'm imagining all this. Aug. 5,'10

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Claim against city of morro Bay and Police department

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 Calling all citizens of Morro Bay
  So here it is kids, if you don't want to get to know Officer Martin like the local kid who drives the white Chevy pickup in town, who got pulled over three time on his 18th birthday my Martin, you may think about what we have here.
      Think about it. Martin has cost me a thousand dollars so far. And for you. How would you feel if you became one of Martins next victims. Having to defend you driver's license. Watching the cost of your insurance go up. You could also end up with a criminal record that would only make you look bad if you ever did do get into trouble someday.
        Think about the reputation that the town of Morro Bay has for their police department. I bet some of Morro Bay's finest wouldn't even mind us getting rid of the bad seed. It would only help the reputation of the rest of the officers who I feel aren't all as bad as they may seem.
       You citizens of Morro Bay have the power to compile a list of names who witnessed the false testimony (or slander as they call it.) Come forward with the video. Soon I will be posting the name and address of my lawyer and you can provide the statements or list of contacts directly to him if you would prefer. You have the power to get Martin's badge because he has no choice but to lie in the court of law.

The one about the fire department,
was on the 12th of August 2010 in Morro Bay

Claim against the city of Morro Bay and Firedepartment aug. 12

 Can you imagine they didn't learn to keep their mouth shut after this either? I've got more on this; I'll dig it up soon.

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

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This guy scares the shit out of me. They give him a gun and shit.
And a badge to boot.
       Martin is insane and he could be 
your worst night mare.
He could find to the best deal in town for a steel bared Motel.










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