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Paying for crimes of others, bill from San Luis Obipo

So you can't fight City Hall:
Nor criminals with a badge for that matter.

June 2nd, 2017:
You can pay for crimes committed by cops if you try to do something about stopping them.
After four years I got a surprise in the mail today
       Need I say that the things the lawyer said, was a lie? That sitting in jail for 20 days, (after about ten prior,) would get me out from underneath all of their crap and let me leave their lousy county four years ago.
       Gee, I filled out a special application and even had a special meeting to get a free court appointed attorney. (A crooked one to say the least.)
       I thought I paid them enough money and the towing bills was something I couldn't do anything else about but pay Needless to say, they must have thought I didn't pay them enough for having their cop spread phoney rumors and tampering with the dash cam video.

Get this
The $700 one is for the court fees I was told sitting in jail was getting me out of.
       And the Lawyer decided to bill me three times $235.oo
       I wonder how much it all come from the fact that I still have the MorroBayNews web-site up and running and it is the source of a good portion of my visitors.
       I just don't get where their heads are at. But what else are you suppose to expect from criminal activity within the government.
       Ah, it's twenty years later and you all are still breeding stupid people and you can't tell me that you don't know how.

Let's make this week a,
National Bully Cop Week.

April 14, 2017:
Five nasty beatings by seven cops in a week.
       We’ve got the Jay-walker who got beat up.
       Then there was the guy in the red car with his hands up getting punched for no license plate. Thing once he was on the ground and in hand cuffs, a back-up officer approached him and stomped him in the face.
       Then there was that 115 pound collage girl in high heals who got thrown to the ground.
       And let us not forget the doctor on the United Airlines plan that got the shit beat out of him by three more cops because he didn’t want to give up his seat. Just remember they were actually police not even on the payroll of United Airlines, but the airport itself.
       Didn’t I just remind you last week that the Police are the very people you should be afraid of because they are just Bullies with Badges?

Gunzalus in cop car

It's been a while,
but Gunzalus is back at it again.

October 26, 2016:
Retaliation or robbing the homeless,

it's all the same.

Getting earlier in the day of course.
Or in other words, getting stalked by Oceanside Police.
       You already know that criminals with a badge can get away with anything .
       Just two days ago I told you at that he was stalking me and as you would have guessed he'd be robbing me at any time.
       Rule 88, I think we all could smell it coming .
       Truly a bully with a badge.

One thing I didn't mention earlier:
       That before I even uploaded todays post:
       I drove to the other end of town and when I arrived, people in the parking lot were already aware and saying that the cops had just robbed me again.
       At first, I chalked up as fame, but now that I gave it a little thought, it was probably not just my popularity and lack of privacy or just the bugs placed inside my cage.
       The reason I say this is because from what I'm getting from the conversations I've heard over the past few hours is that the cops must have been somewhere in public, (like a coffee shop,) bragging about the fact that they just did it. So you can bet that it is more than just Guzalus that is in on it.
       (I should mention that two days ago, I had three cops show up and today it was only Gunzalus.) If that means anything at all, other than I would guess he called the others right afterwards, and they were in a coffee shop. But I'm willing to bet that it didn't even take a call, that they heard it over the police radio. (I bet they were jumping for joy and other witnessed it.)
       Sounds like the same team effort from the cops upon how they've been spreading the phoney child molester rumors. Needles to say, it all makes sense, because everyone and their brother has known for quite awhile that they've been doing just so.
       I wouldn't doubt Hillary and her Democratic party has been investing money into these crooked cops around here.
       Oh yeah: if the cops actually did get a complaint from someone, I'm willing to bet it wasn't even from any of the neighbors like Gunzalus said. I'm willing to bet it would have been the Tranny who has been spreading the rumors, because I've been parking on that street for years with no complaints, and the tranny live just up the street. (So my money is on the tranny.) Again, the cause and effect, caused by the cops in the first place.

Citation by Gunzalus of Oceanside PD

Oceanside filing of Retalitory Anomosity jan. 11.16

Got to the Fifth Filing in just 18 Months
I'd say I must be getting better at this.

January 11th, 2016:
Got another I'll file by the end of next week.
    That will make it six in less than a year and a half.
       I know, evil people can be pretty stupid.
      They'll never learn. They're brain washed, and they've got guns. .
       Pretty crazy hah?

December 22nd filing in Oceanside  CA for June 25 street fair and June 28th 2015 bridge to peir incident

> 1/2 a Billion Dollars in Claims,
in North Country San Diego alone.
Rule Numbers- 15 & 29

Got two more Claims to file yet.
With those and the 2 claims in Morro Bay,
-I'm good for well over a Billion Dollars in claims.

December 22, 2015:
       And get this: I seriously doubt they will have any of the cops to testify against the claims.
       I'd say that sitting pretty good actually, but I've got to admit, cutting it close like I did got a little scary once I got to thinking a bout it.
       One claim filed today was for the June 25 street fair incident with the ODPD and the regular cops. The other was for the Smoking citation incident and I should mention that the cops didn't exactly make it to court last month for it.

Carlsbad filing of Claim on Nov. 10th 2005

Resurrecting the Dead:
A stand in actor, to resurrect a dead fireman?
November 10th, 2015:
I still don't get it, but you might guess the whole county government is in on it.
       Never the less, I still don't understand what advantage they would have if I didn't notice the lack of bald spot on the back of his head. However the second day my eyes were focused better and I could see that it was just a younger guy with a similar hair cut and heavy mustache.
       When I saw that, I realized it wasn't just a coincidence he was hanging around the SUV that I've been seeing others drive around for a couple months.
       Oh yeah:

I did get around to filing the complaint on the Carlsbad Cop that went peddling child molester rumors to get complaint forms signed.
       None the less, I just paid off the loan on the towing bill from the last time I was thrown in jail, so I gave my creditor the heads up.

       One thing I've learned from filing a claim against a city: is that it is very likely there will be someone to retaliate and when they happen to be cops, that means you will end up in jail and you can't expect any justice from a judge because they have no problem punishing a victim for a crooked cop's crimes.

Got Cameras Posting from Jail in NCSD
Rule Numbers- &

January 29, 2015:
If any of you are wondering,
why I don't twirl my signs anymore:

       Well after seeing what a taser can do to you, and the fact that I can count on coming across a cop when I do such a thing, even if it is on a freeway overpass and not even necessarily around people.

Something is Fishy with the City

About that ineligible smoking on the Pier citation:
Of 6-28-15
       The notice they sent: didn't have the cost of the ticket, and it gave the court date in advance.
       But Get this. the first and only notice is a change of date notice also.
       The 0riginal date was August 15th and now on the first notice they have moved it to September 15th.
       I wonder if it has something to do with the picture of my nude backside they took while I was putting my cloths back on.
       Boy, if that isn't a law suite on top of a law suite that was already on top of a law suite or two before.

Oceanside Lifegaurd Criminal

Moron of the day:
Rule Numbers 23, 33, 44, 48, 65, 66, 78, 86 & 88
July 16th, 2015: Posted on 7-17th

The criminal with a badge must think he has won. Like he's all over the six month deadline and it hasn't even been a year since he put the City of Oceanside in Liability of his immature minded Stupidity.
       He was out there stocking me this morning at the shower.
       He was either trying to intimate me by taking pictures of me in return for me taking his, or he was hoping hoping the intimidation would spark some words from me that could be considered a threat, in hopes of causing trouble for me. And of course, I'd be the one going to jail. (Kinna like Meathead Martin sneaking up and pulling me over. Same thing.)
       Well, I don't know where he is getting his reasoning, but he must not think like so many others.

See, I think the reason so many people want me to be their president. They seem to think that money doesn't mean much to me. I some what would have to agree with them because it's something not worth fretting about when you can't take it with you. I'm here flesh and blood and that's good enough for me. I'm not going to get myself killed over chasing money nor am I going to waste my time chasing it when there is so much more money keeping it way from me. From what I see, money is my problem. My own money in someone else's hands as well as the hands that want to get their hands on to my money IS My Problem.
       I'd be happy and content on Social Security and enjoying my retirement if it wasn't for the cops robbing me of any money I've got.
       Hell, I'd be able to have nice surf gear and go to Costa Rica every year, -where I probably would be right now.

Anyway the deal is like Rule No. 48:
       This Mister Lifeguard Dude has it all wrong by thinking he is the one who has won. I know who he is. He is not one of those who have fallowed me throughout my life doing this to me and me knowing who they are.
       All remember him, and I really done see any reason or need to fret over it.

Laws Change:
Rule Numbers- 9, 20, 65

June 29th, 2015:
Robbed again by Oceanside Police Department
With slander for the forth time on top of that, -mind you.

       Honestly, just how blatantly stupid can they be?

Hell, I'm still looking at the flags, because I would like some kind of indicator that the rumors going around are true.
       Still at the top of that flag pole.

EVIL is alive and well in Carlsbad:
May 20th, 2015 posted on 5-21:
On the upper levels of the Evil Totem pole is Carlsbad with its corrupt law enforcement and FBI assassins.

Evil is Socially acceptable.

For those of you who have not read the Journal entries lately may not know this but it sure didn't take long for me to locate a handful of criminals. In fact it actually took about three or four days to have the Evil Buggers come out of the woodwork.

Can you believe that they conspired to throw me in either jail or a mental hospital as a way of running me off.
       Not only that: they actually canvased complaint forms so they would have a way of throwing me in jail and they slandered me with child molester rumors to encourage reluctant people into signing the complaint forms.
       I don't know what you think, but I think that is pretty bad.
       That's about Evil as you can get.

But no, no, no way as Evil as the ability for the FBI in Carlsbad to set a time and date for the death of anyone, -at the discretion of the President of the USA.
       Totally Socially Acceptable in Carlsbad
       My Dad and Jone Rivers got the same surgeon who lives in Carlsbad and walks the streets and in San Diego county that is just totally socially acceptable .

The Surgeon's gun notches for his kills happens to be fancy cars.
       Jone Rivers got him a $311,000. Farrarii.
       I know because I saw it busted up into pieces on the news and it still had the window sticker on it.
       Of course the reporter didn't say who car it was . They just said the driver ran away, but I would think it would take about five minutes to find out who it is registered to and I don't think anyone is going to be able to even walk away from what was suppose to resemble a car.

Bullies with a badge logo cue card

Meathead Martin

Criminal of the Years

Mark Anthoney Martin of the Morro Bay Police Department

Mark Anthony Martin, isn't liked by many, but neither is Hannable, the criminal who received the citizen of the year award last year. However, they both have proven to be exemplary when it comes to being above the law. You just can't touch these crooks because not only does the community supports them, but the court system in San Luis Obsipo will protect their dirty deeds as well.
     Through thick and thin, they know that they can get away with their criminal acts and many of us are wondering if we should make a competition for the award next year, but we're afraid of what extent they may go to win.

Louis Craps

Louis Capps

Louis Craps
Insurance fraud and stalking?

Is she above the law?
     Will the insurance company go after her?
          Tell me she didn't misinform the Morro Bay Police and Fire Department about me only so that they would commit slander against me.     
Did Capps do such a thing for the defense contractors?
     Or did she do it for Steven Spielberg.
     Tell me there wasn't a sizeable donation to her campaign from Speilberg.
     Trying to stop the slander by filing a claim with the City of Morro Bay has cost me about $3000.oo and being jailed three times already and I have to go back tomorrow (7-9-13) for the fourth time and another 11 days making it 24.
     Yes, I've heard that saying, "you can't fight city hall," but the problem here is the justice system in San Luis Obispo that protect their criminals with a badge and makes criminals out of the innocent victims.

Morro Bay's Newest Criminal

David Smith

(Looks like a mug shot of a coke freak,
with a thingy dingy in his ear -to me.)

Top of his class at the academy and just after being hired rooky David Smith showed us he could write phony paper, (2 months to the day of being hired by MBPD,) covering Martin's back, so that Martins falsified evidence wouldn't make it in court in front of a jury.
I have little doubt that he was a clueless as to how Martin was using him. (He's that stupid.) He's the one with his back to the camera. Only two months into his new profession, he was writing phoney paper, helping Martin and the City of Morro Bay keep falsified evidence out of the court room. I'll left wonder if he got any brownie points for making a felon out of me and costing me another $567.00.
More on Mr. Smith at the
Warrent Page page.

Bill Black,

just a volunteer criminal.

Willing do to perform a crime without even getting paid for it.
We'd honor Black with the fool of the year award, but he has proven that he is above the law also. And from what I've heard, he's quite the ass.

Morro Bay Police Officer Bill Black

Black should be in a steel bared motel too.

The Mark Martin death grip,

by Sue Gomez of the Morro Bay Police

the Mark Martin death grip by Sue Gomez of the Morro Bay Police

Can you believe Morro Bay still has Meathead Martin training (even women,) to be bullies. Somewhere on the web I actually heard a audio recording of this going down. (I wish I would have saved it somehow) In the recording you could hear Martin telling her to tas him again and again. Check out-
      Gee, I don't understand. Sure there are plenty of ex-centric people around Morro Bay, but I still haven't ran across anyone who appeared threatening in any way.
     Apparently Martin and Company sees things differently than the rest of us.
     (Helpful Hint for Martin and friends:Stay off the cocaine for awhile and get some sleep. Because sleep deprivation can make you imagine things that are not true.)
     6-10-12 Oh yeah, it's actually a taser incident on 6-8-12.

Check out the posting at the Newtimes web-site and find out what the taser victim had to day about Meathead Martin and company.

Mark Martin and David Smith of Morro Bay Police Department

Do either of these cops appear as if they are fearing for their lives? And if the burgers were to go, what the hell are they standing around for?
      Check out:  
Burgers to Go

Morro Bay, a place you might want to visit, but you'd better not stay long, because it could cost you. And you certainly wouldn't want to live here because you could end up with a criminal record.

Cammander Collins of the Morro Bay Police Department on Medication

Commander Collins says he never lies.

Also, thanks to officer Bargantzel, on August 8th, I fine out how much more I must provide to the criminal revenue fund.

Kinna sucks when I'm trying to live on the money I got from pawning my guitar. Find out more at the Journal


Could be a nice place if it wasn't for all the criminals on government paroles

Morro Rock at Morro Bay, California, USA

"If all printers were determined not to print anything
till they were sure it would offend nobody,
there would be very little printed."
                -- Benjamin Franklin,  1730


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August 3rd, 2011:
One thing Meathead Martin didn't find under my seat

Steven Spielberg in jail

Another Sicko
Steven Spielberg in jail

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
     Spielberg not only cloned inventor Dennis Sattler's eight times, he also murdered Sattler's family and friends with the help of the US government including Barack Obama himself..

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
      The Media has told us that he is away on a sailing trip around the world. But from what I read, Spielberg gets sea sick. I doubt if he's ever been out to sea in the thing.
     I'm left wondering if he was involved in the criminal activity I received from the officials in San Luis Obispo County. I'm sure he was adding problems to my life anyway he could.

Speilberg's Lousy Page


no bad cops

FYI- If you think Morro Bay's Fire Department is about saving lives, you are wrong.

They are known to brag about tampering with the steering of vehicles.

The suspension parts I installed in November didn't even last until Apirl. (4 months)

And oh- that is about 2 months each for the two steering stabilizers.

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